Bachelor of the Week: D’Artagnan!

Here it is! The reason d’etre for this blog: Our very first edition of Single Kitty Catalogue! This is the type of catalogue where what you see is what you get! The exact little kitty you fall in love with can be yours (if you pass the adoption exams, of course.) All of the kitties featured here are available for adoption and all of them are special in some unique way. And, unlike Isosceles from the film “Catalogue,” none of them are clearance models! Each one is a one-of-a-kind, unique, special find, so if you see someone you want to meet, don’t hesitate to book your first date!

tabby's place
D’Artagnan when he first arrived at Tabby’s Place

Our first bachelor is a real heartbreaker named D’Artagnan. What a sassy name! You may already be familiar with a piece of his story if you read yesterday’s post about Tabby’s Place. D’Artagnan is a 9-month old male domestic short hair who loves to play and is very friendly. He gets along well with other cats, so if you prefer a less, shall we say, “committed lifestyle,” D’Artagnan is your man! This brave little fellow was found on the side of the road, where his rescuers believe he kept himself going for a week after an accident broke his leg and fractured his pelvis. The accident has left him paralyzed in his hind legs. He’s able to move his bowels on his own with a wee bit of help, but he needs someone who’s willing to express his bladder three times per day. What’s the upside to that? He’ll never pee where you don’t want him to pee! And if you have a guest you don’t like, you can help him express himself in their lap! Just kidding on that last one.

How Handsome! How Regal!

Seriously though, D’Artagnan is a real trooper with an obvious zest for life, and he’s looking for someone super special to share his/her home with him for all his years to come. What can be more rewarding than looking down into this little fellow’s eyes and knowing that by caring for him, you are doing a great service to a kind soul who refused to leave this world early and clearly has something very, very special to offer.

You can visit D’Artagnan’s profile page here. He’s available through Tabby’s Place, an amazing Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey. If you’re not nearby, don’t let that stop you. I’ve heard New Jersey is a beautiful vacation spot at this time of year. Or, if you can’t take him home, you can “virtually adopt” this little fellow from a faraway place by visiting his Sponsor Me page. Show D’Artagnan some love! He deserves it.

D'Artagnan Enjoys Picnics
D’Artagnan Enjoys Picnics

Play Ball!
Playing Ball
Snuggling with a fellow Single
And Snuggling