Tuesday Haikusday: Fur

The mood struck me to write about my fur. Sometimes, I let it grow. Sometimes, I barber it off. Hair is fluid. Hair is poetic. Eh hem…

Crepes Haiku Zen Cat

Soft, slick, smells like me
I wear my fur suit in stripes
ready to party.
Grey, black, long, short, red
all these types within our home
like Benetton ads.
Cat fur is perfect.
A bad hair day? No, never.
You envy me. #Truth.
What would you like to hear about next week?
PS. Kitten season is coming.

Tuesday Haikusday: Fur and a Film

Today, I want to talk about something we have and people don’t. That’s right: fur.  Eh hem…

Look at it. Look at my fur. It's festive for the holidays.

Look at it. Look at my fur. It’s festive for the holidays.

Soft, silky, short, sleek

Striped, gray, black, brown, mottled red

So many choices.


I am always warm

You pay for coats and mittens

It sucks to be you.


You want to touch it

I’m going to charge you for that

Me: entrepreneur.


There it is! What do you think of fur? How many colors are in your house?

Speaking of charging for pets, check out this new CATastrophes film featuring Peabody and the seemingly ever-present Louie.



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