It’s Doodle!

Psst. You guys!  It’s me, Doodle. Crepes wasn’t around and so I wanted to let you all know that I want to write, too! I’m ready for it!

My name is Dixie, but my friends call me Doodle. I’m honest, I’m loyal to my readers, and I really love my mom! I hate strangers, though. They make me so mad.

This is me:


and This is me:

So clean!

Anyway, what would you like me to write about?  I’m ready to bring you the news from a doggie perspective!  The world is our oyster! I love the world, except when people come up the stairs knocking at my door. Oh I HATE knocking!






P.S. My friend Pinkle is running for Speedy cat. Please vote for her once per day. It’s super, duper easy! One click, that’s it! I’ll give you a virtual lick. A lick per click! Hurray!


Pinkle for Speedycat

Meowsterpiece Monday: The Purrminator Celebrates Valentine’s Day

You Guys!

I have for you today a brand new episode of the CATastrophes Web Series featuring The Purrminator as he tries to negotiate the customs behind Valentine’s Day.



What do you think?

Do you have any questions for the Purrminator?



Holiday CATastrophes Video: Thanksgiving with the Purrminator

You guys.

It’s been a busy week. MomFOD was in New York for 8 days, followed by three days at the Indianapolis CatVidFest. She’s back now and, as is protocol, I have given her a very hard time and peed on various items she has yet to find. However, we wanted to make certain that we did not miss out on wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, so we filmed and edited this yesterday.

Today, I share with you: Thanksgiving with the Purrminator. (I’m rather fond of this one and got to eat some of the props.)