Please meet … Da Pinkle!

You guys!

Today, I would like to introduce you to “Da Pinkle.” Do you remember awhile back where the FODs decided to foster some kitties and they just never. went. away? Yeah, well, they’re still here. Turns out, they signed the papers behind my back. One of these kitties, a suspiciously grey one with diamond-shaped chest hair, showed up with the name Martha. MomFOD was the first person to touch her, and when she did, Pinkle melted and has been hanging onto MomFOD’s back like a monkey since. Sister to Louie (You’ll meet him soon), Pinkle went through several name changes, starting with “Sprinkle Sorbet” and ending up at “Pinkle Sorbet.” She’s highly athletic with a distinct love for boxes, smarter than I’d prefer her to be, and really, really, REALLY, into MomFOD.

Please welcome Pinkle!

                                                              Pinkle and MomFOD


Crepes: Hello, Pinkle. Welcome.

Pinkle: Thank you.

Crepes: Tell us about you.

Pinkle: Well, I grew up on the streets. And then, after finishing my graduate degree, I took up acting right around the time I met Alana and that’s pretty much where I’m at right now.  You may have seen me in –

Crepes:  You have a graduate degree?

Pinkle: Of course. In herbology with a minor in Alana studies. Don’t you?

Crepes: Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Obviously. Mine’s in… theory.

Pinkle: Theory of what?

Crepes: Everything… Anyway, tell me about your acting.

Pinkle: Well, you may have seen me in my signature role as “The Purrminator.”  I starred right there alongside Alana. Her acting is just the best I’ve ever seen. Truly. Such finesse and nuance. Since then, I’m currently taking some time off to spend with Alana to further my thesis work on her.

Crepes: How is she enjoying that?

Pinkle: Well, I’m enjoying it, that’s for sure.

Crepes: You’re really into her, aren’t you?

Pinkle: Yes. Yes, I am.


Alana and Pinkle.
Like a Monkey on her back.
More unabashed snuggling.


Stalking the sammich. Or Alana. Not sure which. 

And, there you have Pinkle in a nutshell. Or a nutcase. Whatever. I hope you enjoyed the photos she supplied. I see a pattern.

Have a great weekend, everyone. You’ll be meeting more candidates next week!



P.S.  Pinkle permitted one photo of her with her other love: boxes.

Official Pinkle-supplied  photo of her without Alana.


  • Pinkle? Where did Pinkle originate? We’ve heard of Pickle. Or Pinkie. But never Pinkle. Oh, acting. Were you trying for a one name signature?

    Despite the name, we feel Pinkle is a good candidate.

    • It was “Sprinkle.” But it got shortened. You know. Adding that extra “s” is a real taxing job for MomFOD. Pretty soon I’m going to be down to the singular. – Crepe(s)

  • Pinkle is precious. Her face really reminds our mom of our angel Fiona. Looks as if she and Alana definitely have a love affair going. Thanks for introducing her to us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  • pinkle…oh kay sew we new y…a but we dinna… N we saw ya in yur moovee…. but itz grate ta get thiz one ta two ta one interveew !!! sorree de camera crew stopped ya frum nabbin that samich…talk bout evidentz on film….any way, we iz glad ewe N mom fod haza close bond…..( ya got her rite wear ya want her; now, go for de charge card !! } happee week end guyz ~~~~ ♥♥ 🙂

  • Crepes, your best interview yet! LOVE the pictures of Pinkle. The cuddly cat does exist!

  • Pinkle is a sweetheart! I can tell she has a similar relationship with her human as I do with mine… except I’m a lot less clingy.

  • Pinkle certainly has “The Great Suck-up” down to a fine art form. Quite the “Mistress of Manipulation”. She obviously knows a good thing when she sees it! Beware “The Smarty-Pants Cat”, Crepes, because she will insinuate herself wherever and with whomever she wants!

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