Tuesday Haikusday: Kitten Season


It was requested that I discuss Kitten Season this week. And so I shall, in preparation of the coming births, mouths to feed, and opportunities to foster. Let’s get to it. Eh hem….

zen garden rock crepes 2016


Kittens will be born,

thousands of them waiting for

a permanent home.


Did you spay/neuter?

It’s the only solution.

Cats can’t fix themselves.


Spring: season of love

and overpopulation.

Foster if you can.


Crepes, a product of Kitten season 2011.

PS. What do you want to hear about next week?

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Kitten Season

  1. “She went and got pregnant again” Cats have no choice in these matters! I can see the look in their eyes that says, “Thank you – now I won’t have to go thru that!” We may never run out of cats but we can make the whole population a lot happier!

  2. Kittens become cats.
    Some people forget this fact.
    That kitten with grow…

    There are too many.
    It is not a cat problem.
    Not enough good homes.

    Be responsible.
    Spay and neuter those rascals.
    Humans or the cats?

    Pee Ess: Politically correct I am not. Me, bad.

  3. Crepes, my proofreading skills have obviously tanked. The third line in the first stanza should read “That kittens will grow…”. This merely confirms my belief that I should never attempt to do anything in the morning except to go back to bed.

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