Bachelor of the Week: Prince Owly!

World, may I present to you Prince Owly.

There he is.

There he is.

This dear little fellow’s life had been, until March, a complete pain in the butt. Now, Prince Owly is a bit shy about this fact and asked me to be discrete, but you should know that when he arrived at Tree House a few months ago, he did so dehydrated, underweight, and with terrible injuries to his, um, popo. (Read:anus.)

I know, it’s not glamorous, and Tree House wasn’t sure he was going to make it, but Owly is a fighter and this little guy pulled through! He also pooped through – the lobby, the crate, the afternoon meal…. You see, his injuries have left Prince Owly fecally incontinent. (I didn’t make that phrase up.)

BUT WAIT! I have word that just recently, P. Owly “used the litter box with purpose!” Such a wonderful descriptive phrase to tell you that his injury may not prevent him from coloring within the lines for the rest of his life, if you know what I mean. He is showing great improvement and coming off his meds and his progress is right on target, if you catch my drift. With such a wonderful little face and a desire to use the box to drop his deuces, can you really afford NOT to adopt Prince Owly?

If you’d like to meet him, contact Tree House right away. Hurry!

"Is that a litter box? I shall use it with purpose!" - Prince Owly

“Is that a litter box? I shall use it with purpose!” – Prince Owly

Sitting on the desk, with purpose.

Sitting on the desk, with purpose.



PS. Our last bachelor Bennifur has found his home!!!


4 thoughts on “Bachelor of the Week: Prince Owly!

  1. dood…..we troo lee hope ewe R sendin a text message next week like bennifur
    { conga ratz dood…all de best two ewe in yur new home !! } we hope ewe R sendin crepes a text message bout yur for everz home az well…….all de best two ewe owly ♥♥♥

  2. Prince Owly! Yous is pretty darn cute and wes so happy that yous is getting over your problems. Mes thinks yous is trying hard and deserves the best forever home ever!

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