Bachelorette of the Week: Divya! (and Linda)


Let me expound today on the greatness of Divya!



I’ve learned that her name is Sanskrit for “Divine.” It seems that this dear soul was sent from the heavens as an example – You see, Divya’s person died and her bereaved simply tossed Divya out the door to fend for herself. As you may know, if a cat has been eating tasty morsels for her entire lift, trying to catch food on the run is an unlikely option. Therefore, Divya developed severe fatty liver disease because her liver began to shut down after too long of a time of starvation.

Luckily, someone saw the lovely Divya and brought her to Tabby’s Place, a haven for kitties like her. Thanks to Tabby’s Place and Linda (I’ll get to that in a moment), Divya was nursed back to health. She’s currently still on medication for the short term but hopes to be finished with it soon, and she reminds us that kitties need care for their entire lives, not just for part of them.

Divya is looking for a new home, one that won’t cast her back to the streets when times are hard. She “tolerates” other cats (like me) and children (also like me) and can live in a home with either. She’s about six years old and occasionally ventures out into the night wearing her batman mask to help other kitties who need food and homes (that’s not a documented fact, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.)

If you can give Divya a home for life, please contact Tabby’s Place in New Jersey. They’d love to meet you, and so would Divya.



"Does that door lead to outside? I'm SO not going back out there." - Divya.

“Does that door lead to outside? I’m SO not going back out there.” – Divya.

"Are YOU going to donate to the Linda Fund?" - Divya.

“Are YOU going to donate to the Linda Fund?” – Divya.

PS. I almost forgot about Linda! Linda is apparently a very wealthy kitty who – No, it seems I was wrong for once. Let me try again.

The Linda Fund

Linda is  a kitty who came in to Tabby’s Place with really bad injuries. Thanks to Tabby’s Place’s care and their philosophy to never turn away even the neediest of kitties, Linda’s injuries were treated and now she has a loving forever home. In Linda’s name, the fund was created to continue caring for the very neediest kitties who need emergency care. Divya is a 2014 Linda’s Fund recipient, and thanks to that fund, she’s ready to find her home, too.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 8.48.21 AM

Tabby’s Place is currently on a 31 day mission to replenish Linda’s Fund! And for every dollar you donate, some wonderful corporate sponsors are matching it. If you’d like to help kitties like Divya, contribute to the Linda Fund now and see your gift doubled. Think you have $15? It’ll really be $30! How cool is that?

For the cost of one gigantic specialty coffee for two people, you can give enough money to bandage a kitty’s hurties for days. I don’t like to brag, but I keep a little Crepes fund and used a bit of that to give to Linda. She seems trustworthy.

There are 24 more days in this year’s Linda Fund drive. Donate now and please share the word so more injured kitties can have a second chance!


11 thoughts on “Bachelorette of the Week: Divya! (and Linda)

  1. divya…. we hope de onlee open door ya ever see again iz de one goin IN TWO yur new for evers… best of fishes two ewe, we hope yur in ther quik az can bee N yur sendin text mesagess ta crepes ta say meow…..

    N crepes…total lee rockin awesum oh ewe ta give up yur green papers two de linda fund XXXXXX

  2. The Linda Fund — what a wonderful idea! We are so glad that Divya was picked up and received the care she needed through Tabby’s Place and the Linda Fund. That is just terrible that she was thrown out like that… 🙁 Her purrfect family will come for her soon!!!

  3. I am so surprised at the difference between peeps! Seriously, some peeps have the kindness of mud!! What did we ever do to you? To turn a gal out after years of happiness is beyond reason. Why wouldn’t someone want to keep Diyav to remind them of this kind lady? Divya deserves the best and I feel she will get the best home. Keep your chin up Divya and the right peeps will come along.


  4. Divya is wonderful. She will be easy to care for. I took in a kitty who developed fatty liver disease when she was about four. She pulled through. Just turned twelve and still going strong. I keep a very close watch on her food intake/weight. Twice a year blood and urine tests. Someone wonderful will adopt Divya pronto.

  5. This story just breaks my heart. I will send purrs that Divya will soon find a forever home. I don’t see how people do some of the things that they do!

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