Exile Day 8: Checks Mix and My Birthday

The days crawl on. It was my birthday June 1st. I spent it in exile. Really, my birthday could be any day this month, but June 1 is what it says on my official Crepes trading card, which is pretty much like law. I was treated to some extra pets and some gruel. I am now three years old.

I also spent some time playing what I like to call “Checks Mix.” Have a look:

Playing a game of Checks Mix.
Playing a game of Checks Mix.

I found within my exile room a dusty old chess board that was crafted by grandFOD many years ago. Within the drawers were chess pieces and what appeared to be poker chips being used as checkers. In general, I prefer nacho chips, but being in exile, one can’t be too picky. Unfortunately, there were no instructions. I don’t know how to play chess. I don’t know how to play checkers, either. And so, I made up my own combination of what I thought was best, hence “Checks Mix.”

I played a few solitary games, but I kept guessing my moves and losing/winning at the same time, which was getting awfully confusing, so I enlisted Niles’ help to play with me. That didn’t go so well. He kept disputing my moves, which is kind of ridiculous, seeing as I made up the rules, but whatever.

Things nearly got physical when Niles disputed my A to forefeather redundant spin maneuver with the Queen.
Things nearly got physical when Niles disputed my patented A to forefeather redundant spin maneuver with the Queen.

Anyway, we spent an hour or two messing with the pieces, then Peabody batted them all onto the ground. She was rolling around so furiously that I naturally assumed it was the apocalypse so I got scared and flattened myself under the bed and fell asleep on the envelope again. Niles faded into a corner somewhere.

Someday soon, I hope to return to my home. Until then, I explore my surroundings further and will report to you all my findings.



PS. My studying of the encyclopedia last Friday of volume F-G tells me that geraniums are a genus that includes over 420 species of flowering plants that are commonly known as “cranesbills.” Fascinating.


  • These exile posts are hilarious, Crepes. But we are sorry that you are having to be in exile. Especially on your birthday!!! Happy belated birthday, girl!! Hope you get to go home soon.

    P.S. That Checks Mix game looks like fun.

  • Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I am so pleased to have so many wonderful friends!!! – Crepes.

  • Here comes a poem..NOT a tune

    2011 on the first on June

    born was a cat with a pancake name

    Tabby her breed..cute is her game

    speaking of legs she has three

    thats one more then Beyonce

    and now her age and her legs number the same

    this pretty cat Crepes is her name

    So one day late..I must say

    My friend, Crepes, Happy Birthday !

    Luv, Pixie xxooxx

  • crepes…..happee bee lated birthday two ewe ♫♫♫♪♪♫♪♫

    heerz two best fishes, mice creem dishes, and happee day wishes with health & happee nezz in de yeer ahead…

    sorree yur day wuz spent az such, but ewe noe… ya could had BURDZ singin de birthday song, poppin outta yur birthday cake; then tossin them selves on yur dinner plate N callin ther selves…. chcikn….

    eggzcuze uz fora wee minit….

  • Happy Birthday, Crepes!! So sorry you are still in exile. We hope you can go home again soon. In the meantime, it looks like you’ve created a fun game to play.

    Love and purrs,
    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  • Looks like being in exile does have a perk. You get to explore and learn new things. What fun. But we know you’ll be glad when you can leave exile and return home, even though you won’t recognize it.

  • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MY SWEET NIECE!! MEWOW 3 years old– you have become such a successful, compassionate, intelligent, and giving young ladycat in such a few short years. I know it is difficult to be away from home and the family apart, but it seems as if you have found a great way to cope through your resourcefulness. Try thinking of this time as a sabbatical or educational conference versus the negative ‘exile’, perhaps it could be known as ‘The Higher Education of Crepes’.

  • Happy Birthday Crepes. June is my birthday month (even though my name is April). You will be home soon. Until then enjoy sleeping on your envelope. Meows and Purrs, Miss April.

  • Happy Birthday Crepes. We all love you and hope you get to go home soon.

  • Happy Meowday Crepes. sorry fings aren’t goin’ as planned. Hope yous get back home soon too.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses


  • Poor Crepes……methinks Checks Mix is a game for one – no disputing moves that way! As for your birthday? Had we known we would have been on hand for hearty party and fun and frolic but as it is, may we say that we hope it was absolutely PAWSOME? I trust you received some Crepes-worthy gifts from your humans????????

    Hugs, Sammy

  • Happy Belated Birthday Crepes! So sorry your exile isn’t going so well. I hope it’s over very soon!

  • Geez, Crepes, you are depressing me! I hope your exile doesn’t have to last a whole lot longer.

  • Happy Birthday Dear Crepes! And many more…I’z got my jazz paws going for ya full force and wish you out of exile ASAP! (Uh, too bad Niles was a poor sport with the Checks Mix…Envelopes and elastic bands may be where it is at.)

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