Bachelorette of the Week: Chica!

Chica Chica wow wow!  Check this lady out!


Lovely little Chica with the pretty face is currently living in the FIV+ room at Tree House’s Uptown branch. She’s about six years old and was living in a home but was recently returned through no fault of her own. Can you imagine blaming this sweet face for anything? Unthinkable.

Chica loves to play. She loves pets, weaving in and out of legs, and wiggling. She gets on well with other cats and speaks fourteen languages, including Basque. Unfortunately, she only does so in her head, silently, so we can’t prove it, but we know it for a fact. True story.

Chica does, indeed, have FIV but, as you may know, FIV positive kitties can live within negative colonies if managed properly. Tree House provides a lifetime veterinary care plan that includes annual exams and discounted treatments for all FIV kitties adopted from them.

Oh – and a secret. Chica happens to have quite the standout role in the newest CATastrophes film  “CHATastrophe.” Best keep an eye on this little sparkler because her star is about to rise!

If you’d like to make this little starlet your Chica-pet, contact Tree House!



Soon to be famous! Get your Chica autograph today!
Soon to be famous! Get your life-size Chicapet today!


  • What a beauty she is! Huge purrs for her to find a loving, safe home where she is truly cherished.

  • Chica is very cute she is sure to be a superstar in her role in the film. It is great how Treehouse has a program for VET help for their kitties. Purrs that she finds a forever home and shows that having FIV+ is no impediment for being a part of a great family.

  • Chica is such a gorgeous lady. It’s so sad there is still so much ignorance about FIV+ kitties. We need to spread the word and educate people about it so we can stop this situation and get more FIV+ kitties adopted.

  • Hi Chica!! You are very pretty!! I think you will be swept up very very soon..I can just feel it!! Luv, Pixie xx00xx

  • Anyone who would return her is heartless and ignorant person who doesn’t deserve poo let alone a cat or dog! I hope Chica makes a forever connection soon. Oodles of good Karma to Tree House for supporting FIV cats!

  • What a pretty kitty!

    Congratulations on being finalists in three, count um three categories!

    Happy Noodle dance…

  • chica…we canna wait ta see ewe co star next ta Guy LaFurr….N heerz hopin yur limo iz drivin ewe ta yur next for evers home by months end… fishes two ewe pretty gurl 🙂

  • Beautiful girl! This warms my heart to see that you all keep FIV+ cats and work to find them homes. I have an FIV+ girl that I rescued as a stray from my old apartment complex. When I first brought her to the vet and she tested positive, the vet gave me all kinds of incorrect information – that she couldn’t live with my other cats, that she would be best kept as an outside cat, and that she might just live a couple of years. In my readings and research I have thankfully learned that everything he told me is wrong. While Sassy is not able to coexist with my other cats yet because she is a biter, we are working with her so that we will be able to integrate her with the others as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I catch a lot of flack from friends and family for keeping an FIV+ cat and for having plans to integrate her with my other cats. It’s so sad that there are so many misconceptions and negative stigma surrounding FIV. My Sassy girl is such a sweetheart, and you would never know that she has FIV. She is perfectly happy and healthy. Anyway, this is my really long-winded way of saying “Thank you thank you thank you” for your work and for finding homes for FIV+ cats. I hope that by raising awareness and educating people, that the opinions about FIV+ cats will change. I also hope that Chica finds her puuuurrrrfect furever home soon!

    • My pleasure! Raising awareness of FIV+ kitties is one of our goals here and we feature these kitties frequently. Most of the shelters we work with are no-kill and so they keep and rehome them. We heard we even found a home for one through our website, one of our crowning achievements! Good luck with your kitty and keep us updated about your story! If you need help with the integration, send me an email and I can give you some resources! Love, Crepes.

  • She’s gorgeous! And congrats on being a Nose to Nose finalist- so wonderful! ~Rascal and Rocco

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