Photography Tips Handout for Rescues

You guys!

It’s finally here! I have finished my work with the BlogPaws/Halo Adoption Champion project and Tree House and have put together this handy dandy handout to be given freely to all rescues and anyone looking to take better portraits of their adoptable pets! I have enlisted the aid of the lovely Victoria Sprung, photographer extraordinaire, and MomFOD to provide some tips for better photos. Page one is for the basics and page two is for those lucky enough to have a DSLR. Download the PDF here: CatInTheFridge_QuickPhotoTips

Tree House Panther, photographed using these here tips!

Tree House Panther, photographed using these here tips!

Of course, lovely readers, you may also use these tips to take photos of your own babies. If you find it helpful, let me know! I’d love to see the photos you come up with after reading this.

A big thank you to Tree House for working with me on the project and to Victoria Sprung and John Boehm for volunteering their talents to photograph kitties, and also thanks to DadFOD for designing the handout’s layout. This was a team effort and I couldn’t have done it without you!

Captured with the same tips shared here.

Captured with the same tips shared here.

Please share far and wide. Beautiful portraits help pets get adopted!



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16 thoughts on “Photography Tips Handout for Rescues

  1. It’s true….the more “appealing” we look in our photos, the more interest we’ll get from humans looking for a new kitty companion. Nice to put all the tips in one place!! I myself have a “good side” and my Mom knows I’ll do just about anything to keep her from being able to photograph it (hee hee).

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Excellent tips. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Mom has to go and vote for “The Inheritance”, again. Purrs.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! Our people are always looking for help in getting the shelter cats’ photos looking their best. Purrs…

  4. total lee awesum teem effort crepes….we iz sure any shelter ore rescue will bee mor N happee ta haz de form….N de unicorn said ta tell ewe it bee aye oh kay….him just getted sum mor votes 🙂

  5. Thanks for this info (hint, hint … I cover up my photo mistakes by using Photoshop!) … tee-hee.
    Do you have a profile photo of Crepes? I’ll try to do an “image” for you as I did of Maggy …

  6. I just went to vote for your video today and it said 0 votes! I logged in and it didn’t count my vote. I know you had a lot of votes yesterday and I hope you didn’t lose them. I will go back and try to vote later.

    Thanks for the photography tips. I always wondered how some people get such great shots of their cats and then people like me get terrible ones. My cats don’t like any cute pictures taken. The minute I catch them doing something cute and try to photograph them they get up and run away. Judy

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  8. Love the photo help. Thank you. Many bi-ped (that would be people/children) adoption agencies have started to use professional photogs and it really helps them as well. Did you think of making a book of these? A calendar? Or computer wallpaper? Christmas Cards? The above photos are just to beautiful not to share!
    Thanks again,

    • Thank you, Joan, for that kind comment! The photos may be used by Tree House in some way for their materials, but I had not considered other uses for them. I will keep that in mind as I go forward and see if there’s some greater purpose we can use them for. I appreciate your feedback. 🙂 – Alana.

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