The Rocky Report: Sound Therapy


Crepes: Welcome to another edition of The Rocky Report. Since I don’t know too much about this one, I’m going to let MomFOD take over for this piece, mostly because I either hide or fall asleep during the sessions.

Alana: Thank you, Crepes. What Crepes is talking about when she says “sessions” are the sound therapy sessions that I’ve been doing with Rocky during the last few weeks. As many of you know, Rocky hasn’t been feeling too well lately. So far, the constipation has been eased and his appetite is great. Occasionally, though, it’s obvious to me that he doesn’t feel well. Dr. C had mentioned that he might be suffering from some stress, which isn’t surprising considering his health issues, as well as Crepes’ horrible little desire to smack him in the back of the head every time he’s not looking.

Crepes: It’s not horrible.

Alana: Yes, it is. You act like a gremlin.

Crepes: Instinct.

Alana: Go nap. In any case, I wanted to think of ways in which I could ease some of Rocky’s stress and one of the ideas I had was sound therapy. My husband and I have two singing bowls, one of which we procured in Hawaii and the other we purchased from an imports fellow in Canada. Being a musician, I am very much aware of the importance of sound. These two bowls, through a brilliant stroke of luck (or spirit), happen to be well tuned to each other. One is very deep and low, the other somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. When struck at the same time, they produce a lovely, consonant sound that I find extremely relaxing.

Rocky sitting amongst the bowls.
Rocky sitting amongst the bowls.

On our first go, Rocky was lying on a little mat in the bedroom. I arranged the bowls so that their vibrations would be about ear level with him, which is the best place from which to experience the sounds. Using a large, padded mallet, I struck the bowls gently. His first reaction surprised me: he let out a deep, happy purr, stretched out upside down, and moved his head closer to the bowls. I continued playing for him for about 20 minutes. The next day, he did appear to be somewhat less stressed and more at ease. The bonus? I was also feeling better. His injections and fluid administrations, as well as the underlying health issues, have gotten me completely tied up in knots. When he doesn’t feel well, I don’t feel well. This session seemed to be good not only for Rocky, but also for me.

Rocky listening to the bowls vibrate.
Rocky listening to the bowls vibrate.

I have continued these sessions daily, sometimes for as little as two minutes, sometimes for as long as twenty. Rocky sits and purrs, looking pleased and relaxed, for as long as I care to play. Sometimes I play the bowls with different mallets and sticks to produce different tones. He seems to like them all. He lies very close to the bowls and rearranges himself as I begin to play. Sometimes, he presses his feet to the bowls while they vibrate, and other times lets them vibrate close to his tummy, where I think the troubles are.

Rocky pondering the vastness of the large bowl.
Rocky pondering the vastness of the large bowl.

I’ve done a bit of research into the healing properties of singing bowls and have found several thoughts on them. Some say the vibrations themselves are healing. Others say it helps produce healing endorphins within the body and boosts the immune system. Another thought is that they bring on deep states of meditation that allow us to heal ourselves and bring healing energies down to where they’re needed.

No matter the root cause of the healing, Rocky enjoys it. It’s a bonding time for the two of us to sit together and focus on his well being. He’s definitely been feeling better in the last few days and I’m hoping his next weigh in will even show a bit of weight gain. Until then, I will continue to play.

Crepes: And I will continue to nap.

Alana: Good idea, Crepes.


Crepes & Alana.

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  • Oh that is just awesome, we love that you are using the singing bowls with Rocky and that he is really enjoying it! Sending big purrs and prayers Rocky’s way for healing and good health.

  • I heard about music therapy for ill cats some time in 2002-2003. I had a cat suffering from renal failure and IBD issues and who was very elderly. The article I read suggested some classical music, and particularly, Gregorian Chant. When she was having a bad time, I would play Gregorian Chant for hours on end–and she would perk up and eat and show more interest in life in general. I must confess that one day, after listening to it for 13 hours, I thought I would have to be institutionalized. She lived for another 14 months after diagnosis and her quality of life was good. I will do anything to help my cats. I have health problems myself and find that listening to Chant has a healing effect. I shall have to find a singing bowl. The kitties and I are sending healing prayers and purrs to Rocky.

    • thank you for your healing purrs! The chant is a good idea. I have some CD’s of it, actually. If you’re looking for a singing bowl, make sure you pick one that you’re able to hear before you purchase. I’ve found some to be very disagreeable and others to be heavenly. All personal preference, I suppose. Thank you for your wonderful comment!

      • Thank you for your advice on singing bowls. I found some websites where you can listen to them–and some are calming, some are energizing, and some really clear your mind–and some are downright annoying! Hope Rocky is improving. Please keep us posted. Sending more purrs and prayers his way…

  • Never heard of this before. So interesting. I will have to look into this further. I am so glad it is helping Rocky. I hope he feels better soon.
    Sue B

  • dood…way happee ya iz feelin better buddy….N ya noe what else werks…HARP mewsic…plane ole simple nothin else added…harp mewsic….noe kiddin, noe burd jokin, noe foolin….harp mewsic…de tones de strings make iz veree calming ta kittehs

    if yur momfod wants ta step out sum time, tell her ta put sum harp mewsic on de radio for ewe while her iz gone…..doesn’t knead ta bee reel loud….if her haza iphone or de like…paul baker haza nice album oh harp mewsic out ther, her could pick a few songs out for may bee like 99 centz…

    best fishes for continmewed grate health XXXXXX

    • that’s a great idea! you know what’s not relaxing? playing a harp! those things are heavy. Yowza. – Crepes.

  • OMC! I was just doing Reiki last night for a friend’s kitty and he (cat daddy) asked me if I would be interested in doing a course in sound healing with him! I have experienced a couple bowl concerts and had a session done on myself with them… amazing! Hmmm… I wonder if Santa got me a present yet this year…???

    ps. email me at cherrycitykittiesATgmailDOTcom if you would like, I can do some distance Reiki treatments for Rocky!

    • oh! so sweet of you. Thank you! That’s awesome that it coincided with your goings on. Maybe it’s a sign . 🙂 – Alana.

  • This is VERY interestin’ stuff. My brother Seville gets stressed sometimes. That is, when he’s not stressin’ everyone else. My Auntie Blossom used to get so stressed out from her sisters chasin’ her, she ended up with multiples URIs. Anywho… due to certain stressful situations, we have all become great fans of the Solitudes stuff.


  • What wonderful news!!! I’m so glad that Rocky is feeling better!
    I haven’t heard much about singing bowls before, but hearing about how relaxed Rocky is when you play for him I’m definitely going to do some research! Thank you for another wonderfully informative post! (And keep feeling better, Rocky) ^..^

  • Wonderful post today Crepes and Alana! I’ve never given a lot of thought to singing bowls as therapy but I must say I’ve really enjoyed reading the articles you provided. I hope Rocky responds well to his sessions. 🙂

  • How interesting! We don’t know much about singing bowls, but it seems like Rocky is getting a benefit from you playing them. We purr that he continues to improve and feels better.

  • This is interesting, my Mom is often worried about my stress level with all of my health issues- especially when I become anxious during an asthma attack. She is intrigued by this and plans to read up more on it. We don’t have a singing bowl, but we do have my beastie brofur Kaspars who sings non stop throughout the house to get his way. If I use a padded stick to whap him with, will that suffice in place of one..?! I know the thought of this relaxes me, so surely trying it out would be even more beneficial. MOL!!

    • I wouldn’t recommend whapping your brother with the stick, no. I don’ tthink he’ll vibrate like a bowl. Find a place that sells bowls and make sure you listen first! Don’t buy without hearing it. MomFOD has run into MANY that she dislikes the sound of and wouldn’t at all want to relax to. – Crepes.

  • I’m glad Rocky likes and is responding to therapy. That sounds very interesting (no pun intended). Thanks for the wonderful Secret Paws gift. I have a post up on my Blog (

  • LOVED this post and so glad Rocky is responding. I use singing bowls to clear the energy in the room which can be stagnant when there is illness. There are many ways to use them and even if someone doesn’t believe in the healing properties, the deep sounds are so meditative.

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