Bachelors of the Week: Jade and Jasper!

Sometimes, cats aren’t social creatures. I know. Shocker. But it happens. It might be because of the start they got in life, far removed from the cuddles of people, or maybe because you kept talking and they couldn’t nap for that 17th hour of the day.  The story of Jasper and Jade is a case of the former. Trapped by a TNR group and brought to Cat Guardians by a volunteer, Jasper and Jade have made tremendous strides in their people skills. In fact, you’d practically think they ARE people now, like little Eliza Doolittles.
Jade in his lion's den. But it's really more like a ranch-style house den and he's ready for a family.
Jade in his lion’s den. But it’s really more like a ranch-style house den and he’s ready for a family.
"Oh, oh hey guys. Um... nothing to see here. Just take my food and move along. "
“Oh, oh hey guys. Um… nothing to see here. Just take my food and move along. ” – Jasper.
After noticing that, amidst the hissing and swatting, Jasper and Jade knew how to slow blink, Cat Guardians took them in and gave them a chance.  Jade, named for a precious stone with strong energy associations, went from knocking food from people’s hands to enjoying the biography of Steve Jobs and being used as a nap-time pillow. Jasper, also named for a precious, high-energy stone, used to let cats steal his food because he was too afraid of retaliation to fight back. Now, though, well, he still lets other cats take his food, but we’ll just call him generous and move on.
Both of these guys have come a long way and are now looking for a home.  They don’t have to be adopted together, but they certainly can be. Jade, 3 years old, is FIV+ and Jasper, two, is not. I thought I’d showcase you a two for one this week. Why not? It’s almost Christmas.  Call Cat Guardians to meet these two fabulous felines! Go! Now!
Jade in his well- known "turkey series."
Jade in his well- known “turkey series.”
Jasper looking for love... but is it in all the right places?
Jasper looking for love… but is it in all the right places?


PS. It seems I forgot to put Bailey on the front page last week. Therefore, you’ll be getting a “bonus bachelor” on the right hand side to enjoy all week long!


  • Hello, volunteer at Cat Guardians Tuesday Night to clean and socialize the cats.

    Both Jasper and Jade are sweet boys.

    Jasper has gone a long way from hiding under the cabinets when I was around, to coming out for treats when I pass them out at the end of the evening, he has let me rub the top of his head a sometime. Also, Jasper has made friends with the other shy cats in the shelter that like to hide with him when it get to noisy there.

    For his distrust of petting, he does like to mug for pictures and make handsome faces. when i get my camera out. Check the Cat Guardians Facebook page for the ones I have uploaded.

    Jade has made even bigger strides, he use to hide in back of the enclosed sections of the cat tree in the upstairs part of the shelter, and hiss when I tried to pet him.

    Now he hangs out up top of the cabinets with the other cats he had befriended, he does not seem all the interested in the treats I pass out, he does like it when I scratch the top, back, and sides of his head and neck.

    • Thanks for the update, Charles!! Glad to hear they’re doing better than ever and hope they find their home soon! – Crepes.

  • Jasper’s not that fond of being petted yet but he definitely interacts with humans and will “slow blink”. He meows at me for food occasionally. Jade does not seek out being touched but he will allow it and seems to like it when he realizes what’s going on.

  • de veree best oh fishes two ewe jade N jasper as well as de blessings oh St Francis that ya both finds yur for everz forever home… noe later than caturday… N by Christmas yur sendin out cards with yur new address 🙂


  • What great young man cats! I will post on my facebook page for them… Also your linky at Cat Blogosphere didn’t work. Might need to repost it. Purrz, Katie Kat.

  • Hi Crepes,

    Thanks so much for the double duty bachelor article this week. Thought you’d like to see just how far these two guys have come along.

    Jasper now has his own personal mechanical hand to feed him turkey:

    Jade is still learning to trust but seeing the interaction, simply makes my heart melt. This second video shows actual fur to skin contact (at least I felt it):

    Thanks again for bringing their plight to the forefront and I hope you enjoy the videos.

    • Hi Layla. The volunteer who brought them in thought Jade might be Jasper’s father, but nobody knows for sure. They’re not bonded to each other. I imagine they’d do well in a home together, though.

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