Bachelor of the Week: Bailey!

Dear Friends,

Sometimes, a cat, or a person, or a centipede (I’m not species-ist) comes along that needs a little extra help, someone to bring the magic back into their lives. Such is the case with Bailey.

World, meet Bailey. This month marks his one year stay at Cat Guardians. He was living in the outdoors (like me). He ran with the neighborhood cats and ate handouts from the people in his hood (like me.) He had a blood-borne parasite (totally unlike me.) His caretakers witnessed him running on three legs, and it turns out his paw was broken, and he still maintains a limp (mine’s taking a REALLY long time to grow back, no matter how much goat milk I drink).

Why not leave Santa some cookies and Bailey?
Why not leave Santa some cookies and Bailey’s coffee?

Although still semi-feral, Bailey is also semi-cuddly. See the glass half full, and in that glass, see Bailey, perhaps with a splash of coffee. Have you ever tried Bailey’s coffee? It’s delicious. We street cats pick up a lot of things out in the wild, and in Bailey’s case it was delicious coffee making skills and also a blood-borne parasite, but you can ignore that latter part. Oh, he also picked up FIV. Again, overshadowed by his barista-like talents.

Although he has a tough stare, Bailey likes to play with little mice and magic wands. A gentle hand and a patient heart might put the magic back in Bailey’s wand.  Will you be his magic?

Learn more about Bailey at CatGuardians. He’s available for a $120 adoption fee and a hearty handshake. Unless Dawn’s there. She prefers a hearty hug. UPDATE: Cat Guardians is offering a special on special needs kitties! To help them get their Christmas wish of a home, the adoption fee in December is $60 and Dawn will give you TWO hugs. A bargain, I tell you! Bargain!




  • What a sweet guy, he reminds me of my brother Kaspars who is a former feral and still very skittish. I hope Bailey finds a home for the holidays, my human is a huge advocate for special needs kitties being owned by two- me and my angel sister Černy. She would love to offer a home to an FIV cat some day, now being educated on the condition and that it doesn’t mean an immediate death. We cannot be adopted by one now though as Kaspars fights any other males who come in our yard or house. I guess all those years on the streets have made him very possessive of his home, humans, and even our doggie sister! Paws crossed for mew Bailey, mew deserve a safe, loving forever home.

  • What a handsome kitty. Hope he gets a forever home for Christmas. Hope Rocky’s eye is doing better.
    Sue B

  • dood…de veree best oh fishes a long with St Francis’ blessingz… N why knot de blessings oh St Patrick az well, that ya finds that for evers home N ya iz in it… N sendin yur ole stompin groundz pals… yur new address on de 18th !!

  • Dawn from Cat Guardians here. For the month of December we have reduced our adoption fee to only $60 for all our special needs cats, like Bailey. While he is shy around people, he is a great buddy to the other kitties in our FIV room and is very sweet. He is quietly curious and just needs some patience and tlc. And I give 2 hugs (or more) when one of our special babies finds a home.

    Super big thanks, hugs and love to you Crepes and your fod.

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