Bachelorette of the Week: Brielle!

I realize I’m in Disney World, but I planned ahead! Since this is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of my blog, I couldn’t skip the bachelorette of the week.

World, meet Brielle. This cat with the lovely name is about 5 years old. She’s permanently dressed in her fanciest tuxedo, which I assume means she likes to go to nice places for swanky meals. She prefers that her meals include lobster, or, at least I assume that’s what she means because she’s really good at making the “lobster” hand signal.

Brielle, ready for love and lobster.

Ah, momFOD has just informed me that her feet are SHAPED like lobster claws. It seems that Brielle has a deformity of her bones called Osteodystrophy, which has also caused her to have short back legs and a short, bushy tail. A bushy tail! Think of all the money you’ll save on hairspray since her tail stays perfectly coiffed all the time!

Brielle isn’t in any discomfort and she runs around and jumps just fine. The doc’s at Tabby’s Place say it’s likely that her condition may lead to arthritis in the future. Presently, however, Brielle is an awesome little one-of-a-kind kitty cat that would like a home. She tolerates other cats alright but would probably prefer to be your one and only. She’s friendly and happy and ready to snuggle! She has had a few “out of the box” incidents that have caused her to lose her original home, but I’m pretty sure anything that comes out of this kitty will smell great, so, you know, no biggie, right?

So, who’s in? Who’s ready to have a one of a kind, fancy-dressed, lobster-toed kitty cat with a beautiful name? Get on over to Tabby’s Place and fill out an application! You can also sponsor her while she’s waiting for her home. Visit her sponsorship page to learn more about this lovely kitty!





  • de veree best oh fishes two ewe brielle; ewe iz a gorgeous gurlz for sure !!! we hopes by next week at thiz time ya iz sendin out yur new a dress ta all yur pals !!! XXX

  • OH what a BEAUTIFUL girl. I just shared her with Twitter so I hope someone will see her and take her home where she belongs.

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