Bachelor of the Week: Goldie!

Here it is, Halloween! And our final Halloween edition of the Bachelor of the Week. Today, we have Goldie, a beautiful black cat with yellow eyes   golden eyes, I am now told.  (I am also now told that it should have been obvious because that’s his name. Ok, whatever momFOD.)


Anyway, Goldie is 8 years old and loves to snuggle! He came to Tabby’s Place through the guardian angel program, along with seven of his brothers and sisters. Sadly, his previous dad passed away, but he made plans in his will for Goldie to move into Tabby’s Place after the fact. Such a kind man, to think of his kitties like that.

Goldie was originally acquired by his dad through TNR, thankfully, because if he’d been left on the street, he may not have made it. Goldie has the unfortunate condition of megacolon. I realize that it sounds as though he’s promoting some sort of old Japanese film. This is not the case. Please refrain from all jokes  about MEGACOLON VS GODZILLA and other nonsense. This is a serious condition that makes it hard for Goldie to, well, drop a deuce, if you will. Goldie’s colon is enlarged, and while he’s on medications to help him, um, pass the time, he may need surgery in the future. Even though one might think such a condition would make Goldie a bit grumpy, his personality has never suffered for it and he’s pleased to love, snuggle, and share his life.

Do you want to share your life with Goldie? Call Tabby’s Place! They would love to hear from you. And speaking of TNR, they’re doing some amazing things there at Tabby’s Place now by expanding their TNR program in a big way! Please drop by to visit Goldie’s Page and also to see what Tabby’s Place has to say about their new plans. We’ll be talking about it more in the near future.

"Yes, my eyes are hypnotic. Bring me a pumpkin latte, stat."
“Yes, my eyes are hypnotic. Bring me a pumpkin latte, stat.”
Preparing to drop a deuce.
Preparing to drop a deuce. It takes him a little while.
Come closer. I will cuddle you, and you will love it.
Come closer. I’ll cuddle you and we’ll watch Megaladon vs. Mothra. It’ll be great.





PS. Happy Halloween, everyone!!!! got your tongue?
Awww…cat got your tongue?


  • Goldie sounds like a terrific mancat! We purr his family finds him soon. Oui Oui’s name at the shelter she was adopted from was Goldie. We couldn’t figure out why, until years later the mom met the woman who named her. She was the last of her litter, and her siblings were Opal, Pearl, Onyx etc. Then it made sense. Happy Halloween and thanks for coming to MMM’s party!

  • I know this cat personally. He is a wonderful kitty. He’s never met a cat treat he didn’t like and he is more than willing to show you how much he appreciates you bringing him some. He will stand right next to the door to greet you and get some. He is also more than a bit playful, still. He has a big purrsonality and most days you’d never know he had any health concern.

  • dood goldie….ewe bee rockin…happee howl o ween two ewe N best fishes on findin yur for evers home….heerz hopin ya finds it by weekz end !!! crepes N crew: happee howl o ween ta everee one; heerz hopin yur trik N treetz bag be filled with mackerull, mice N pie !!

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