Bachelorette of the Week: Faith

Today, we have a special treat for you. Meet Halloweenie cat Faith. I know, she’s not entirely black, but she’s blackish, and when you hear her story, you won’t care what color she is!

Trick or Treat.
Trick or Treat.

Faith was picked up by DuPage County Animal Control with a Tree House microchip. She was part of a TNR program at Tree House in the Bucktown neighborhood. Somehow, she ended up 25 miles away from her colony looking for love! As you can see, distance means nothing to Faith in the search for her forever relationship.

Faith has been at Tree House since 2009. She sometimes guards the hallway filing cabinets, often times keeping them safe from her own tail. She has a strange notion that her tail is out to get her, even in her sleep. I know her pain. Faith may also have a touch of the IBD, so her cute little insides get a little irritated from time to time. She’s estimated to be ten years old and loves people.

As you can see, Faith is in desperate need of someone to tell her that she’s safe, from the world, from her tail, from everything. Will you be that person? Come meet Faith! She’s waiting for you (and avoiding her tail!)

WANTED: The Intruder. Reward of love and snuggles offered.
WANTED: The Intruder. Reward of love and snuggles offered.
"Who dares touch cabinet A through G?!"
“Who dares touch cabinet A through G?!”





PS. Thank you again to John Boehm for his beautiful photos! As part of the Halo Pets Adoption Champion program, John came out and donated his time and work to Tree House!


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