Cats of Rome Calendar Giveaway!

Dear Friends,

Have you heard of the Cats of Rome? The Gatti di Roma? They are very famous! Cats live all over Rome: in the Colosseum, near the Pantheon, on people’s front stoops. They are an oft photographed subject.

The Prizes

The Prizes

To thank you for your readership, I purchased a few gifts while I was in Italy. I picked up three little Cats of Rome calendars that I would like to give away here on my site to thank you for your readership. It’s a small token, really, but I couldn’t go to Italy without thinking of you all and bringing back a small souvenir. They are the perfect compact size to stick on your refrigerator and have a magnet on the back of each to do just that!

Please enter to win! I’m accepting entries until Sunday,  September 29th! United States readers only, please.  Rafflecopter giveaway




21 thoughts on “Cats of Rome Calendar Giveaway!

  1. Italy is absolutely one of our humans favorite places. Some of the smaller towns seem to have gangs of cats that roam and are fed by various good samaritans. They are always disheartened when they go on a vacation and see no cats, so Italy is a great place to visit. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • No, no cheese. My FODs don’t eat dairy, and also I think they might not let it back in the country. I saw them take a piece of sausage away from someone. So many rules! – Crepes.

    • Don’t stop dreaming! I know a great tour company that takes along a lot of mature travelers. Maybe you can make it happen! I’d love to post photos monthly, but since I only go once a year, I’ll have to make this year’s last until then. That should be easy, though, because I took 500 photos! – Crepes.

  2. I have never been to Italy and probably will not be able to go due to health problems. Did go to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland many years ago. Most of my traveling is done by surfing the ‘Net. Loved your video. So nice of you to have a giveaway…Cats Rock!

  3. I haven’t been to Italy yet – it’s on my To-Do List. My parents visited several times; when they went to Rome, my dad got up very early one morning and went to the Colosseum to take pictures (this was in the good old days when it was accessible any time). He got some beautiful, haunting pictures of feral cats framed in doorways, lit by deep slanting rays of the sun. I have one of them framed in my office.

    • Those are the cats or Rome! he saw them in person! Maybe he can make a calendar? 🙂 My grandmomFOD does tours to Rome, so we’re lucky and get to go often. – Crepes.

      • My dad would be so pleased to read your comment – he was rather vain, and would have loved the idea of people admiring his photography. That set of pictures is my favorite of all his work.

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