Confession Friday: I’m Going to Italy

It’s true. For 10 days. Please don’t quit checking in, though, because I have a whole week of posts planned to go out! I might not be able to answer comments, but I’ll check in when I get back, so behave as normal. If you have something amazing to share with me or other readers, put it on my Facebook Page!   I plan to take lots of photos of Italian animals that I see and I’ll share them when I return!


From our 2011 trip with La Gabrielle Tours

Also, if you haven’t, enter to win Lost Souls Found, a book about special needs pets featuring my story! I’ll contact the winner when I return home next week, since I’ll be on a plane when the giveaway ends. I hope that’s ok.

A hearty hug to all my faithful readers. Thank you so much for being so great! Without you, my words would be like trees falling in a forest with no one to hear them: They wouldn’t resonate at all.




21 thoughts on “Confession Friday: I’m Going to Italy

  1. Have a pawtastic trip and voyage to the land of yummy noms! I am composing a reply to mewz email and will send it soon for mew to discuss with mewz human when mew all are back from mewz travels.
    Today I got my copy of ‘Lost Souls’ and read mewz pawsome story! I am so thrilled to be able to share with everyone that I know the famous movie star, advoCAT, and blogger ladycat who is the subject of one of the feature stories. I’m sure like all things I do or say, they will be jealous. MOL!
    Btw, my doggie sister Sophie bogarted an entire pouch of my Ice Pups gravy! Can mew believe the nerve? It’s bad enough she tries to sneak and steal the rest of my goat’s milk, I like to drink leisurely, each evening. MEWOOF!!

  2. haza total lee awesum trip crepes, dont forget yur pass a portz…dont act sillee if ya see de Pope, a safe journee, loads oh fun N plenttee oh
    Villa Raiano Fiano di Avellino !!!!!

  3. The folks here have been there and are pretty sure you will like it there. Have a great time! Welcome to the TCC. Looking forward on getting to know you better

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