Bachelor of the Week: Sam!

Do you like hats? Then Sam is the man for you because he likes to sit on heads! It’s true! When this five-year-old fabulous fellow wants to show affection for you, he starts drooling and then tries to sit on your head. Imagine the warmth! Imagine the soft rivulet of love drool flowing towards your shoulder as the two of you snuggle. Wow. Fantastic, right?


Sam really is a snuggler, and he’s extremely loving with all people. He occasionally swats at other cats but, for the most part, tolerates them ok (he was surrendered because his owners said he didn’t get along with other pets). Sam’s special need, besides his extreme need to perch on your noggin, are his allergies. He’s being treated for environmental allergies using special shots twice a week, although Tabby’s Place hopes to decrease that to once a month soon. He also has feline herpes, which causes his eyes to be a bit runny. But you know what? I have feline herpes, and sometimes my eyes are runny when I’m stressed out, but maybe if you give Sam a warm spot on your head and a happy place to live, along with his usual dose of Lysine, his little eyes will clear up. (I’m not a cat doctor, I’m just speaking from personal experience.)

If you think you’d like to meet Sam, call up Tabby’s Place! He’ll be waiting, hoping, needing to snuggle you and be your hat.

Watch how I fold myself into this perfect hat shape.
Watch how I fold myself into this perfect hat shape.
Dreaming of a home, a head, where I can sit, and dream some more...
He doesn’t really have an eye problem. He’s just a big Alice Cooper fan.
He's not a cat, he's a lion! A lion of love!
He’s not a cat, he’s a lion! A lion of love!

PS You guys! There’s a Buzz Feed post up on the Top Six Things The Golden Kitty Runner-Up Cats Are Doing. Maybe we can get it to really buzz. 🙂




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