Friday Bachelor Edition! – ADOPTED!

You Guys!

I got another bachelor for you for this week. I know it’s Friday, and you expect me to confess something, but this is really more important than getting things off my chest, wouldn’t you agree?


Ok! Without further ado…. meet Chuyahoga! This little fellow is just over a year old and already has quite a few tales to tell. He was rescued by Cat Guardians from a forest preserve in Illinois. When he was found, he was malnourished and suffering from multiple parasitic infections. However, like Luke Skywalker, he used his internal force to beat down the invaders and has come through, becoming a loving, hugging, pet-seeker. Chuya does have a chronic viral eye infection, so he takes daily medication to control the outbreaks. Chuya requires a home that is able to love him and cuddle him and give him his medication. Said home can also contain other kitty cats, but those kitties really should be healthy in order to avoid contracting Chuya’s eye issues.

Chuyahoga likes long walks on the carpet, swimming in a deep sea of blankets, and snuggle festivals. He prefers to avoid the woods.

If you’d like to meet Chuyahoga, contact Cat Guardians today!

Resting during a long carpet walk

Resting during a long carpet walk



6 thoughts on “Friday Bachelor Edition! – ADOPTED!

  1. dood de veree best oh fishes two ewe that ewe finds yur new for evers home reeeeeeeely quik….ewe iz one handsum guy….dai$y iz like…well, her haz swooned…
    ~~~ 🙂

    N crepes…hope ewe N de crew haza flounder filled non burd grate week oh end ! enjoy =^..^=

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