Thursday Purrsday – Video

You Guys!

I had some bachelors lined up for today, but their schedules booked up and I was unable to procure their biographies. So first, I’d like to say, if you have an idea for a bachelor/ette of the week for the next coming weeks, send me an email at please, and I will pursue those little singles with gusto! We still have Leo featured, so have a look at that little cutie!

LEO: Looking for a piscese, or capricorn, or whatever. He's not picky.

LEO: Looking for a Pisces, or Capricorn, or whatever. He’s not picky.

Second, I still want you to enjoy something even though today is usually bachelor day. I encourage you to check out our SINGLES CATALOGUE to see who’s still available, and I also give you this video of my sisters playing with each other. This was before I was born, so it’s kind of like a family heirloom to me.



Email readers, click HERE to see the video.



3 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday – Video

  1. best fishes still two ewe leo….we hope ewe N all de bacherlorz N bacherlorettez findz yur for evers home….crepes; grate mewvie of yur sisterz…we gived it 28 paws up for actshun N suspenze coz we wuz waitin on kitteh two ta join in…..:)

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