Confession Friday: I’m Running Out of Time

You Guys. I have a dilemma.

Do you ever feel like this?
Do you ever feel like this?

I’m a little short on time these days. I want to keep writing quality posts, but I may have to, at least for now, write four posts a week instead of five. Would you be upset? Is that ok with you? I want to deliver quality, and I think a smaller number of posts will help me in my quest. Of course, if I think of something amazing to say, I’m not opposed to doing a bonus post. I just wanted to let you know that if you don’t hear from me on Mondays, it’s not because my spy persona was discovered by my enemies and I was taken back to spy prison. (Don’t repeat that or I’ll have to kill you.) It’ s just because I’m a little busy!

I’m always available to you via Facebook and I’ll keep writing my little tail off with all the time I have available.

So, do not fear for me! I, Crepes the Mighty, shall continue to fill the world with my glorious prose! They’ll just be a little more spaced out.



ps. AND one more time if you didn’t see this: My mom FOD was featured on I Have Cat as a sexy cat lady. Go, mom FOD!


  • Hi there,new to blogging, new to your post. My publicist and I totally understand how hard it is to get a quality post in everyday. We tried it with the best of intentions. Now, she and I write only when we know we have something worthy for you all to spend time on, so, unless you’re on salary, and we are not, blog when you can. We look forward to reading it, xo LMA

  • Always love your blog, if its not everyday, that’s totally fine, I have a hard time keeping up with reading all the blogs I like so much anyway and getting other things done too 🙂 I am amazed that you find time to do what you do! Give yourself some time, it’s great to see you whenever Crepes!

  • Crepes, blogging should be fun…not a chore. We used to try to blog 6 days a week, and that became much too much to keep up with. So now we blog 4 days a week (unless there’s something special going on), and it works out great. We totally understand if you need to cut back a little.

  • You guys are all great! Thanks a bunch for your comments. I do have a lot to say, though, so I’m sure there will be some good posts next week. 🙂 Hey Tabbies, where do you get your donuts from? – Crepes.

  • crepes….frank lee we think thatz a grate eye dea…if yur knot tellin fod what ta rite N herz knot postin it; then it onlee meenz one thing……..well, like 80 ..but it can onlee meen ewe N her iz spending sum crepes time two gether !!! life bee short N de cat foodz goin dry…take a brake, eat a donut, chillax with de fods N haz fun…we due knot post on week oh endz for de same reezon; onlee differunce iz we like donutS….plural 🙂 haza grate week oh end ~~~~~~~~

  • Always glad to hear from you whenever you can Crepes.
    Sue B

  • Always to pleased from you Crepes &, if its not quite as often, then it makes it all the more special! 🙂

  • My human, who you know is French, always says that it’s not a 35-hour week of work she wants, it’s 35-hour days she needs!
    Don’t tell her but I think she’s a little crazy.

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