Bachelor of the Week: Barbossa!

Hold onto your heart because this little pirate is about to steal it. World, meet Barbossa!

Barbossa, Captain of your heart
Barbossa, Captain of your heart

Barbossa’s mom was trapped behind the Hollywood Scientology Building in Los Angeles during a TNR pick up. The clinic told her caregivers that she seemed to be nursing, so after her release, they followed her to her lair and found this little guy and his three brothers and sisters. Barbossa is the tiniest of them all and, like me, is missing a leg.

At only six weeks old, Barbossa loves to sit in your lap and get pets. He’s very laid back and with his peg leg and an eye patch, would make an amazing little pirate for Halloween or year-round.

If you want to take this treasure home to sail with you for life, contact Nora at She’s located in Los Angeles, CA, 90004.

Barbossa, captain of your heart
Come sail into my sea-green eyes
A Kraken! I shall slay it for our love!
A Kraken! I shall slay it for our love!
Unhand me, fiend, or I'll fight ye with me stump!
Unhand me, fiend, or I’ll poke ye with me stump!




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