Bachelor of the Week: Adam!

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Playful, exciting, incontinent, tender, and adorable Adam.

Sometimes in this world, one’s personality is a bit incongruous to one’s, shall we say, special traits. This is where I nonchalantly introduce Adam. Adam is a four year old domestic short hair that was bottle fed by a family. Adam is cuddly, he’s tender, he loves attention, he wants to be the center of it. Adam is playful, exciting, incontinent, tender, and adorable.

How does that sound? Not bad, right?! I guess if you reread that because you think he’s too good to be true,  you might notice “incontinent.” I threw that in there in the middle of all of his good traits because I’m of the opinion that it shouldn’t be the only reason that this amazing little man doesn’t get adopted.  It’s only one part of his very fabulous whole. Adam has some spinal defects that make it impossible for him to control himself, both in his methods of doling out love and feces.

Tabby’s Place has tried acupuncture, but to no avail. Adam, I’m afraid, freely pees and poops, but he doesn’t know he’s doing it, so really, that’s not a strike against him. So, if you live in a home that could use Adam’s love, a home without young children or too many carpets, Adam is your man. Quite honestly, I think he’d be pretty cute in diapers. Little ones, with Snoopy on them.

adam tabby's place
This blanket is washable, right?
tabby's place adam
Magic crazy straw! I love to stay hydrated.


To adopt Adam, visit Tabby’s Place. Please also consider being Adam’s sponsor if you are unable to adopt. Thank you!


  • Hi-I am a long-time volunteer at Tabby’s Place, and have been a fan of ADAM’s since his arrival at the sanctuary he now calls “home!” Adam is just delightful! I enter his suite, and before I get a chance to call out his name, he is running down the ramp (from outdoor, protected solarium area) to greet me! I just open my arms, and he jumps right in, with glee! Adam is fun, active, and loving, and would be a great addition to any appropriate home. If you can’t adopt him, consider sponsoring him! I am also a Special (Medical) Needs Cat-Correspondent for Tabby’s Place, and sponsorship of our cats is a tremendous help. The program is similar to “Feed the Children” program; for a small monthly donation, you receive the news about your chosen cat, with colorful photos to update you on how your chosen cat is doing. It’s a fun way to help, without adding another animal to your household! Adam and everyone at Tabby’s Place loves our sponsors, so think about it today! See for further info. Thanks to Cat in the Fridge, for featuring our wonderful boy Adam! I know he is honored!

  • dood…de veree best oh fishes two ewe on findin yur forevers home…N crepes ewe may haza eye dea…diaperz helps all kinds oh peepulz from babeez ta seniorz…why knot kitteh N pupz !!

  • Hi Crepes!

    Thanks for AGAIN showcasing a Tabby’s Place resident!!! Adam is just as you described him – he’s a sweetheart! With all the love he has to share someone will be able to overlook his need for a cute Snoopy diaper. 🙂 <3

  • He looks adorable! I hope someone with a big heart will come forward & give him a home. <3

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