Bachelorette of the Week: Dottie!

This week, another dog! (and I mean that in the kindest way possible)

pets with disabilities
What a face! So expressive.

Meet Dottie, a four-year old hound mix. Looking at her photos, you really can’t tell she has any special needs, but, in fact, Dottie is blind. She went blind suddenly while she was living with a family who, sadly, decided to have her euthanized. Due to the kind heart of a vet technician who realized that blind animals can still live happy lives, Dottie was saved and brought to Pets With Disabilities where she’s currently waiting for her long term home.

Dottie loves other dogs and cats, too! She needs someone to help her see her way through life. Think about all the dogs that are specifically trained to help blind humans. I think it’s time to pay back the kindness and became a seeing-eye friend when they need it, too. If you can, please make space for Dottie in your home. She’s a lovely girl and deserves a family that won’t turn her away in her time of need.

Who’s that? Is that a cat? I love cats.
I can smell you.

If you can’t adopt Dottie, please consider becoming her Angel. You can find out more about her and fill out an adoption form here.


In my absence, please share and re-post to help Dottie find a home! Purrs and love. Crepes.



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  • veree nice two meet ewe dottie….ewe be a gorgeous pup…st francis’ blessings to ewe ewe finds yur forevers home 🙂

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