Bachelorette of the Week: Cassie!

This week’s bachelorette is a new one for us because she’s a dog! That’s right, we at Cat In The Fridge don’t just support special cats, we also support other special needs animals. And here’s our first non-feline single lady.

Cassie from PWD

This playful girl’s name is Cassie. She’s three years old and, like me, is missing a leg. Do you think that stops her? Hardly! She runs, she plays, and she loves other dogs.

Cassie hasn’t known much in the way of human kindness, but I know that she can find someone to prove to her that humans really can be her best friends. She’s looking for a home that already has a few doggie tenants because she’s most comfortable around her canine pals, but if you find out you can’t live without her and you don’t already have a doggie buddy, you can always adopt her with a friend!

Cassie is three years old, she weighs 60 pounds, she loves lying in the grass and staring soulfully into your eyes for long periods of time. Will you give Cassie a home?

That fourth leg was vestigial, or so Cassie makes it seem.
My soulful gaze.
PWD cassie
My soulful gaze from another angle. Still pretty soulful, right?

If you’d like to adopt Cassie, please contact Pets With Disabilities. And then let me know you adopted her because that would make me really happy.

Love, Crepes.


  • Beautiful lady anyone should be happy to have you in their home.

  • Cassie is VERY sweet and adorable. She needs someone to love (dont we all ?) and be kind to her, someone with patience that wont put pressure on her. I love working with her at the rescue. She has come to trust me which is a great feeling !

  • cassie, you R a bee ewe tee full pup, sorree bout de hole…human…thing…..
    🙁 but like crepes said, ther R sum good peepulz out ther…we hope ewe find yur
    peepulz and yur forevers home reeeeeeeeely quik


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