Pet Parents Waterproof Pawtect Blanket Review – Stop The Leaks, Save Your Couch, Get a Coupon

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You Guys!

Pancakes here to tell you the tale of “The Leaker” and how the Pet Parents Pawtect Blanket swooped in to save the day.

One day, many years ago in the great wilds of Kentucky, Alana found a puppy. Now, in this sixteenth year of her life, the puppy was an aging dog. And one dark and stormy night, the thunder crashed outside but the rain…the rain fell inside! ::cue flashing lights:: BEHOLD! A wet puddle on the bed. And then on the couch. And then on the chair. The terror! The smell! No one knew when it would happen, this drippity drip of doom, not even The Leaker herself.

Dixie threatening to leak at any moment. Could be in minutes, might be in months. No one really knows.

Once, it was caused by doggie vertigo. Many other times, by a recurrent and persistent infection of the bladder. Of course, all health measures were taken and veterinarians consulted, and the bladder, she was repaired. But not the trust. You see, the trust was broken and no amount of amoxicillin could fix that.

And so began The Leaker’s journey to find a comfortable and safe spot to rest. Blankets with waterproof pads were attempted. Towels and sheets of plastic. They were serviceable, but they were not loved. They were hideous to behold.

a messy blanket on couch
The horror.

But then one fateful day, Pet Parents arrived!

“Would you like to review this soft, waterproof blanket?” they asked us.


And now, we bring you: The BRand NEW Waterproof Pawtect Blanket.

We’re trying out the 32×40 waterproof blanket in Slate. And our impression thus far is excellent. It was an immediate upgrade to the look of our living room and took us from “Crappy Chic” to “Swanky.”

Visual Test: 5/5

messy blanket on couch
from “nahhh”
blanket on couch
to “AHHH!”

Next, I gave it the toesie test. It was cozy, it slipped between the beans like silk. It’s soft. High marks.

Toesie Test: 5/5

cat toes on a blanket
My toes at work.

I like a good crinkle, and when I heard that this had a water proof sheet in the middle, I had hoped for some good crunch. Sadly, it’s pretty soundless.

Crinkle Test: 1/5

Next, we scored it for snooze. Everyone was able to nap on it, no problem.

Snooze Test: 5/5

dog and cat on a blanket
Mr. Pants and Dixie (aka “The Leaker”) testing out the blanket.

But the best part? The trust. Although I said it couldn’t be repaired, it seems it could be patched, and this blanket was just the right size and shape to stick on that hole and sop up that whiz.

WE TRUST THIS BLANKET MORE THAN THE DOG is what I’m trying to say.

If you have a pet who leaks, we understand your pain (Check out the post we did on the Paw Parents Pet Diapers) and we recommend this blanket to give you back the carefree sleep you had before the time of the floods. It’s soft, cute, easy to wash, and will protect your bed, couches, and lap from the terrors of the leak.

Use coupon Code Pancakes15 for 15% off your order!

Sleep tight, my friends!

Pancakes out!

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Updated Feb 9 to include the coupon code.


  • Just bought a large Pawtect Blanket Plus for my clowder as they are getting older and I wanted to cover my expensive bedspread so they could continue to sleep on my bed without me freaking out if they have an “accident”. I love it as much as they do…maybe more! Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with us.

  • Looks and feels great! What a find!! Thank you for sharing!

  • I wish I’d known about that last year when my 20-year-old kitty was in her last months and often leaking in her sleep; I went through a lot of pee pads, adult diapers (cut open to lay flat), and laundry changes so she could continue to sleep alongside me at night where she wanted to be.

    • (Just to be clear, I was also having her checked out every month or so by the vet & tested for UTIs whenever I got the slightest hint she might have one… We think it was related to damage from her second stroke, which she never fully recovered from in spite of everything we tried.)

    • These blankets are actually brand new, just released yesterday. I wish I’d had them too for my 20 year old kitty who passed away last year. He also had an apparent stroke. It’s hard and I’m so sorry you had to go through that. We also did diapers and pee pads, etc. This blanket is such a nice option we were really happy to be able to try it and share it.

  • This sounds like a REALLY useful blanket! Although I might have preferred a bit of crinkly-ness.

  • Sounds like the prayers of many pet parents have finally been answered! Something that actually works well and looks good? We will give it a try for sure.

  • I love this. Our senior cats in the past have had real issues (and so did my furniture) so this is an absolute treasure and every cat (or dog) parent totally needs one.

    Best part? It gets the demanding pet’s paw stamp of approval!

  • That sounds like a great blanket. I’ll have to check it out.

  • That certainly sounds like a great blanket to have for a leaky pet! Good looks and functionality together can’t be beat!

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