Hi, I’m Pancakes.

You Guys,

Guess what? I’m Pancakes. Pancakes T. Cat.

Cats butt stickin out of a banana

Welcome to my world.

Alana wanted to keep blogging but the other cats were busy. Pinkle’s now working on her Doctorate of Alana Studies. Mr. Pants is too busy chasing ladies with zero follow through, Niles is….20. Mrs. P likes to nap and Louie is terrified of everyone, which made interviews fairly challenging. Dixie just wants to follow Alana around.

So, there’s me.

She searched high and low and then low again to find me cuz I was hiding under a chair napping. But there I was, pen in hand, cap in mouth, wondering what I should write about. Alana made me a proposition: get out here, take this laptop, and regale the world with your humor.

And so I will.

I will take over this site of web with all the previous gusto of the previous writer who previously left. I’m ready to write about cats, consider writing about dogs, and bring the world my fabulous self.

Did you know I’m in a book? True that. I’m a character in Alana’s book “Who Puked in Mom’s Shoe” along with Harry Sheets. I believe you’ll be seeing more of us both together.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. Prepare yourselves. There’s a new project coming…



PS I have three legs, too. Fancy that, eh?

Also, Alana seems to have lost most of her previous subscriber list. If you’re on this list, great! If you don’t want to be, it’s ok if you remove yourself. If you know someone who should be but isn’t, please let them know they can resubscribe.


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