Glyphosate and Your Pet: Another Reason To Go Organic

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Being a family of organic urban gardeners here, MomFOD has been on the alert for this nonsense called “Glyphosate” finding its way into her garden. It has now been brought to her attention that it is also getting into pet foods and, when mixed with certain other ingredients (think preservatives) in the pet foods, it may be causing major issues for pet health. Here’s the lowdown:

What is it: Glyphosate is a chemical manufactured by Monsanto and marketed as “RoundUp,” an herbicide or week killer. Monsanto is also genetically modifying crops to be more glyphosate tolerant or “Roundup-Ready” so they don’t get murdered by the herbicide as they’re doused in it. It is the world’s most widely used herbicide and a suspected carcinogen, meaning it may cause cancer in people and other mammals.

Where do we find it? Pretty much everywhere, particularly in GMO corn and soybean crops. It might also be in your garage and possibly in your pet food. Several common pet foods tested positive for the presence of glyphosate (see article linked below.)

Why is it bad? In a recent article by (I highly recommend this site if you don’t already follow it), a pair of doctors suggests that any glyphosate remaining in pet food may be a serious health risk to pets. In addition to being a possible carcinogen, GMO foods may be linked to IBD, allergies, and skin and organ problems. Worse yet, the presence of glyphosate, when mixed with sodium nitrate (a common pet food preservative) can be deadly to animals. All the details and links to studies can be found in the article cited above.

Scary, isn’t it?  Always read labels on your pet food and, whenever possible, go organic. I know it’s more expensive, but if you have a pet that’s at particular risk for IBD or other illnesses, it may save you a lot of heartache and vet bills in the long run.

For more information on Glyphosate in general, visit:

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  • Thank you for bringing this to our awareness, it is sickening how our government allows this poison to be used anywhere let alone INSIDE consumed products! Greed and power are evil and those behind it who back the use of this knowing its harmful effects are no better.

  • Humans and animals have been sick and dying early due to the poisons in our food supply, air, and soil for decades. We have a huge chemical plant in our area. There is (or was) a poor trailer park next door. A large number of the people died from cancer. The trailer park was quietly bought and closed. This was 1970’s.
    Not much has changed in forty years.

  • Thank you for this information. I will check out that website about pet foods.

  • yet another reason to stay away from plants in your cat’s food

    well that and they are obligate carnivores.. but you know..

  • OMG they sprayed this stuff all over a Wilde Life Refuge near where I live and there has been a marked decrease in the deer population. Also, there have been several snowy owls sighted that weren’t looking too healthy either. That stuff is murder and they’re supposed to be pulling it off the shelves….by 2017. In the meantime, retailers are going crazy trying to sell the stuff so they don’t take a loss. Very sad when we put the almighty dollar in front of the fate of the planet.

    • Why in the holy hell would they spray it on a wild life refuge??? It’s supposed to be green! This makes no sense and makes me so mad. SO MAD! – Crepes.

      • The ocean is less than a block away also so guess where the wind blew some of that stuff. Kids were playing on the beach that day too. I have no idea why they felt compelled to use the round up, they had plenty of volunteers willing to hack down the overgrowth by hand. Brought to you by the same people who put out rat poison to get rid of the mice. Hello. That’s why God made owls. Thank God the snowy owls seem to be steering clear of this place. Feel sorry for the resident screech and barred owls though.

      • I am sure Big Money Politics will get their way and the stuff will be on the shelves for years. As a society we are sorely myopic when it comes to the environment. BMP ALWAYS wins. If you don’t believe that just consider the tobacco industry which provides us with the only product on the market not sold as a poison that, if used according to directions, kills you. (sigh)

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