A CATastrophes Movie and A Winner

You guys!

Today, I give you a video to alleviate some of your tax woes. It seems that even cats have taxes to collect.

Also, I have my Texts from Mittens winner today. Are you ready?



Dezi and Lexi!

Woo! Ladies, please email me at crepesATcatinthefridge.com with your mailing address. The prize will be shipped to you!

Thanks, everyone, for entering.



The Laziest Christmas Tree Ever and A Giveaway Winner

Today, I have a photo for you.

Louie and the tree. This is how lazy the FODs are this year.

Louie and the tree. This is how lazy the FODs are this year.

This is what they’ve done for a Christmas tree this year. I blame Louie. He takes up a lot of time and would probably climb a big tree. Also, he’s been here an awfully long time for a foster cat. I don’t get it….


Drumroll please! DDRDRUDHRHDRUDRHDRHDRHDRHDHRHDRdR….. the winner of the ASPCA Gift Basket Giveaway is (by random.org)


Layla, we’ll be in touch.



Tuesday Haikusday: Plants

You Guys!

The plants that were OUTSIDE have suddenly come INSIDE. They surround me. I don’t know what to do, so I must poeticize my thoughts. Eh hem…

crepes sleeps below plants

They outnumber me solidly.

Once, they were outside

Now, she has brought them inside

My will is tempted.


Below them I sleep

Waiting for the spring to come.

One day at a time.


It seems there are bugs

Floating about the leaflets.

Game on, bugs. Game on.

She’s even named the plants. She calls them “Lemon verbena,” “lavender,” “rosemary,” “Sage,” and “Carl.” Apparently, they’re all non-toxic to cats. It’s like she’s set up a buffet of which she won’t let me partake.




OH! OH! You guys! I almost forgot. I am so pleased to announce that our work has won some serious awards at the Cat Writer’s Association awards. MomFOD and I got TWO Muse Medallions, one for our blog (we tied with Sparkle Cat!  -Congrats, Sparkle, Summer, and crew) and two for our film CHATastrophe. In fact, we even won the President’s Award, the one chosen from all the Muse Medallion winners.

We couldn’t be more pleased and are so happy to share the news! Our only sadness is that Rocky isn’t hear to share the news. Without him, none of this would have ever happened. He was the inspiration for all of it and we hope that he knows and is proud of himself. We couldn’t be more proud of him.


I took this photo of MomFOD. I wanted to let her have the limelight. This time.

Our award-winning film: