Bachelor of the Week: Inuit!

You guys!

Did you know that many, but not necessarily all, white cats born with blue eyes are deaf? On that note…

Look into my eyes...

Look into my eyes…

May I present, Inuit, the big white cat with the roar of a lion! Inuit roars and roars and roars – because he can’t hear himself doing it, but you sure will be able to.

This lovely fellow was recently returned to Tree House because of his mighty roar, but don’t let that deter you! He’s a wonderful singing partner and, frankly, it’s hard to lose him because of instead of having to call for him, he’ll call for you.

Inuit enjoys long walks on the carpet and fun time with the laser pointer. He doesn’t care what music you listen to, as long as you do it with him in your lap. He loves to touch people and will follow you around the house whenever you’re home. He’s also skilled in American Cat Sign Language.

If you think Inuit is your snuggle buddy, contact Tree House Humane Society immediately! Hurry!



"Would you touch me? I'd touch me." -Inuit.

“Would you touch me? I’d touch me.” -Inuit.

Bachelorette of the Week: Cecille

Here’s a riddle for you:

What weighs five pounds, is entirely white, and has two different colored eyes? Give up? It’s Cecille!

"Touch me - if you dare..." - Cecille.

“Touch me – if you dare…” – Cecille.

Now, one might think that such a stage presence would necessitate an attitude to match, something saucy and snuggly with a little bit of whiskey-spiked marshmallow topping. Sounds fancy, right? And it could be true, except Cecille’s special need is her severe shyness, so it’s going to take just the right person to coax her out of her beautifully decorated shell.

In addition to being painfully shy, Cecille is also deaf and visually impaired, which has likely made her life a little scary and more difficult than it ought to have been, especially in light of her having been abandoned in a Manhattan apartment with multiple other cats.

After being taken in by Tabby’s Place, Cecille has spent the last three years learning to trust people. She’s taken a few steps and has been rubbing her head on the hands of some of the staff members, but she’s still a little ways away from being the snuggler that everyone suspects she is. (For a beautifully written account of one of Cecille’s most loveable moments, have a look at this post by Angela from Tabby’s Place. ) Cecille loves toys, though, and if you have some, I’m certain she would let you watch her play with them.

So, what does this little mystery want? A bond, a person to trust, someone patient, caring, thoughtful, and kind-hearted, who won’t mind her moods when she wants to be left alone but who’s willing to be open and there for when Cecille needs a loving touch. Cecille will likely do best in a home without dogs or small children, but she may be ok with other cats.

Do you have a place in your home for this little mystery lady? If so, please give Tabby’s Place a call. And if you don’t have space in your home for this tiny wonder, perhaps you could make Cecille’s life a little more comfortable by sponsoring her for a few dollars per month. She may not show it on the outside, but this tough little lady will definitely appreciate it.

Cecille's panther-like stare can hypnotize anyone.

Cecille’s panther-like stare can hypnotize anyone.

Cecille perfectly demonstrates demure yet sassy.

Cecille perfectly demonstrates demure yet sassy.

David Bowie couldn't hold a candle to these eyes.

David Bowie couldn’t hold a candle to these eyes.



Photos provided by Tabby’s Place.