The Moment of Poop

You guys!

Being in Exile, I had no choice but to sift through MomFOD’s cell phone looking for things to post and I found a doozy. You know how MomFOD likes to take Rocky around in a little wagon? Well, she upped the ante this week. She put him in… a stroller. Also, you know how Rocky likes to poop? Well, I just wanted to share with you the moment in the doctor’s office just before it happened, right when MomFOD knew it was going down. Check this out:

The moment of poop.

The moment of poop.

There is no mistaking that look. Just behind the curtain, things were happening that cannot be unseen. Never before have I been so thankful for a privacy shade.

Don’t forget about yesterday’s bachelor Scooter who also drops the bomb at inopportune moments.

As a reminder, I am still in exile. Here I remain for how long I cannot say. Exile posts coming soon.



P.S. Rocky doesn’t know I posted this. Don’t tell him.