Meowsterpiece Monday: The Purrminator Celebrates Valentine’s Day

You Guys!

I have for you today a brand new episode of the CATastrophes Web Series featuring The Purrminator as he tries to negotiate the customs behind Valentine’s Day.



What do you think?

Do you have any questions for the Purrminator?



My Valentine’s Day Date Is…

duh duh duh…..

CODY! From Cat Chat with Caren and Cody!  If you haven’t checked it out, please do! They have excellent giveaways and great info. Finally, after two years of me leaving lascivious messages on Cody’s page, he’s noticed me! Look what he sent:

cody and crepes collage

It looks like we’re going out on the town! And Cody will be getting a special treat from me in the mail!

I also have some backup dates in the form of Da Tabbies O Trout Towne. Now, they sent me a message, but never a photograph, and even though I’ve known what they look like now for two years, a girl can’t be too careful.  Here’s what they said:

deer stock // crepes

wood ewe like ta go on a date for valentines day?

we could go two shedd aquarium for lunch then we could
go two de lake; de big lake up yur way; ewe noe, de one
wear ewe played de part oh a shark  for shark week, N we
could due sum fishin ther N then we could take sum donuts
ta all yur pals at tree houz then we could rent a limo an go
two navy pier N watch whales…what cha say !!

love boomer N tuna coz betcha noe one else haz TWO dates !

I believe this sounds like an afternoon date, if I ever heard one! So I have three dates for Valentine’s Day!


Happy VD, everyone! I hope everyone gets to enjoy VD!



PS. My friends at the ASPCA have a video of Kitty Kisses! First the people try to give them. Then, the cats get involved and really show them how it’s done! Take the pledge to adopt and enjoy the kitty kisses.

I Need A Valentine (Herpes +)

Dear Readers,

Each year, I reach out to you to help me find a Valentine’s Day Date. You may recall some of the fiascos from the previous years, including that strange Bob Newhart kitty who took me out for St. Patrick’s day because I didn’t think he was suitable for hearts and flowers.

crepes and bob newhart

What is he DOING?

In any case, this year, I seek another and I ask for your assistance.

Will I be wooed by chocolates and flowers? ( I hope not because those could kill me.)

Will I be coerced into a kiss by a fluffy man of elegance?  Perhaps.

I’m not picky, really. Herpes + isn’t a requirement; I’m just trying to be socially responsible.

And so, I ask you to send in your photos (up to three) with a short paragraph of what we would do on our date. Really woo me. Show me what you’re made of. The more romantic, the better. Bonus points will be awarded for dates who can make me laugh. The winner will be posted on Friday, February 13th, 2015 and will receive one (1) limited edition Crepes trading card in the mail along with a surprise of my choosing. US residents only, please.

crepes valentine

Who’s  in? Send your entries to

One winner will be chosen by a panel of judges (but mostly by me) though all entries may be used, at our discretion and possibly altered by photoshop, in the Valentine’s Day post.