Update on the MomFOD

And, last but not lease, we have the MomFOD update.


Like a Monkey on my back.

It’s me. Alana. You may notice it’s a little harder to be consistent these days on the blog. It mostly comes down to time. I’m working a full-time job now while doing some creative work on a part-time and hobby basis. The CATastrophes Web Series is currently on hiatus. One of our actors moved to Los Angeles and so it’s been sitting, hanging out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy reruns!

Other than that, I’m living in a house I renovated and have built a great cat sun room for the little ones to enjoy!

I’ve gone through a saga of having barn cats at the house, which turned out not at all the way I’d hoped or expected.

I’ve still been fostering when able, answering mail from the blog/web series, and doing what I can when I can.

I also took up trapeze!

And I’m STILL trying to teach Pinkle to ring that damned bell.

That damned bell.

Life is different, that’s for sure. I miss Crepes, but she’s well cared for and I still get to see pictures of her and visit once in awhile. Pets and a breakup aren’t easy, but it’s easier if you make the plan before the possibility comes up, and that’s what happened in my case.

I have lots of posts planned, but I’ve been struggling with two dead laptop batteries, two bad orders for said laptop batteries, and time. But I promise, I’m still learning about pets, working with animals, and trying my hardest.

More posts soon!






More Trapeze!

Still more trapeze!





PS I am sending  heart felt hugs to all my friends in the path of Hurricane Irma. I’m thinking about all of you and your fur babies. I know you’ll all do your best to keep everyone safe.

Bachelor/ette Update!

You Guys! It’s been about four months now since I started my Bachelor/ette of the Week feature, the raison d’etre of this blog, and I have to say, it’s going well! I was super excited to find out that Edith was adopted thanks to her profile here! What joy that brought me! I wanted to send you a quick update on who has been adopted and, even more importantly, remind you about who still needs to find that loving (Levi) forever home (Levi) that they could really use (Levi.)  Please pass this around so everyone can see these fabulous little angels that need to find the loves of their lives! (click the photos to see their profiles)




LEVI: Oh! He’s like James Bond in that black and white.


Tree House Gitana

Gitana: Looking into your soul

Cassie: Love on Three-Legs

Cassie: Love on Three-Legs

Kansas:  Way better than Toto

Kansas: Way better than Toto

Lead Belly: Love, Chicago-style

Lead Belly: Love, Chicago-style

Indigo & Jackson: Looking for their third party

Indigo & Jackson: Looking for their third party

Dottie: Blind to your faults, Open to your love

Dottie: Blind to your faults, Open to your love

Barbossa: Our youngest kraken slayer

Barbossa: Our youngest kraken slayer – only 8 weeks old!


Adam: Sweet, Lovable, Incontinent, Cuddly

Adam: Sweet, Lovable, Incontinent, Cuddly

LEO: Looking for a piscese, or capricorn, or whatever. He's not picky.

LEO: Looking for a piscese, or capricorn, or whatever. He’s not picky.

The great news is that D’Artagnan, Dot, Rainier Park, Edith and Teddy have all been adopted, as was Ginger, the dog that introduced us to Pets with Disabilities.   There are a few outstanding Bachelor/ettes that I’m waiting to hear back from (I guess they’re busy out living the single life instead of checking their emails), but they don’t seem to be listed for adoption anymore, so that’s great news! If you’re ever curious about these fabulous pets, check back on our Singles page. I always keep it updated with who’s been snatched up and who’s still available.

Please share and let’s get these little fellows some homes!