Senior Pet Month & A Twitter Chat Party with CatWisdom101 and the ASPCA

You guys!

Did you know that November is senior pet month? It’s true!

Now, let’s think about this: If I’m three in people years, that puts me somewhere in my 20s, so with lots of partying and flunking, I COULD still potentially be a senior in college, so –

Once again, MomFOD has just informed me that it’s not senior class pet month. It’s Senior as in older, well-aged like a fine cheese, pet month. Alright, that’s still cool.

Niles in 2001.

Our senior Niles in 2001.

Senior pets are great! Unfortunately, many of them end up in shelters for a long time because people want to adopt kittens and puppies. However, there are some great reasons to adopt a senior pet, such as:

  • If you have a mellow lifestyle, they have a mellow lifestyle to match.
  • Already house trained (in the case of dogs.)
  • They may know some tricks already – but you CAN always teach them new ones!
  • They have well-developed personalities so you already know EXACTLY what you’re getting.

Senior pets do require a little extra care and attention. It’s important to keep up on their veterinary exams to spot any changes as soon as possible to catch major illnesses early on. They may also require a little extra attention to their bones and joints because, like people, older pets can develop arthritis.

In our case, my brother Niles is our oldest and most senior family member. He is fifteen, but he doesn’t look a day over 10. He is still very active. He runs, plays, scratches, and does all the things the rest of us do.

Niles today, looking pretty badass for a fifteen year old.

Niles today, looking pretty badass for a fifteen year old.

If you’re looking for a senior pet, some of our recent bachelors may fit the bill! Please consider giving a senior a home.

Do you have a senior pet? Would you adopt one? Do you want to talk about it?

Twenty year old Merlin looking fantastic!

Twenty year old Merlin looking fantastic!

For more discussion about senior pets, attend the ASPCA Senior Pet Chat Twitter party coming up THIS FRIDAY, November 21st, at 3-4pm EST, co-hosted by our friends at, home of Merlin, the twenty year old kitty with the heart of a lion! To join, get on Twitter and use the hashtag #SeniorPets. There will be prizes!