Tuesday Haikusday: Napping

Good day, astute Readers.

I am glad you have returned for another installation of “Tuesday Haikusday.” Please join me as I wax poetic about “napping,” as suggested in a previous post by reader Sammy of One Spoiled Cat.

zen garden rock crepes 2016

Eh hem…

Soft pillow holds me
Molded to my body’s shape
While I nap so hard.
In the dark I lie
Yet in my sleep, I’m truthful
Who can blame me now?
A timeless, classic,
Ancient way to pass the time.
Sleep waits for no one.
What do you want to hear about next time?
PS. Kitten season is coming.


How to Fit All Your Pets’ Names on Your Christmas Card

Have you ever had the feeling that you just have too many cats to fit on a Christmas card? And then you try to shove the dog in there, too?

louie crepes christmas copy

I had grand plans for my signature… and then SOMEONE snuck in and I didn’t have enough room for both of our names.

Well, MomFOD came up with a solution a few years ago. She jammed all of our names together until they made an interesting to say word. Now, when it was just Rocky, Niles, Dixie, and Peabody, they were known as “PIxieRoNi.” When they adopted me, they amended it to “CrePIxieRoNi.”  Now that Rocky’s gone, we had to drop the Ro, and adding the ever-present fosters Louie and Sprinkle to the mix made a challenge that MomFOD had never seen before.

After much consternation where she was staring at a notebook and shushing me off her lap, she came up with the epic name of all names that would allow her to fit all of us onto their Christmas card. And that name is….


It’s a little weird, I’m not going to lie. However, it sums us up nicely and fits on a card.

Give it a try! Write down all your pets names, underline the syllables that you want to use, and then mix and match to see what else you can get! Some of our discarded ideas were:




Splixie Crilebody



What’s your combined name?



PS. Since it’s Tuesday, I’ll toss in a haiku. Eh hem…

louie santa box

Oh. It’s Santa sitting in a box. How about that.

Christmas Eve comes close

Under the tree you’ll find me

Our tiny, small tree.



Tuesday Haikusday: Fur and a Film

Today, I want to talk about something we have and people don’t. That’s right: fur.  Eh hem…

Look at it. Look at my fur. It's festive for the holidays.

Look at it. Look at my fur. It’s festive for the holidays.

Soft, silky, short, sleek

Striped, gray, black, brown, mottled red

So many choices.


I am always warm

You pay for coats and mittens

It sucks to be you.


You want to touch it

I’m going to charge you for that

Me: entrepreneur.


There it is! What do you think of fur? How many colors are in your house?

Speaking of charging for pets, check out this new CATastrophes film featuring Peabody and the seemingly ever-present Louie.



PS. You have until tonight to leave a comment and be entered for the ASPCA gift basket giveaway. Get on it!

Tuesday Haikusday: Plants

You Guys!

The plants that were OUTSIDE have suddenly come INSIDE. They surround me. I don’t know what to do, so I must poeticize my thoughts. Eh hem…

crepes sleeps below plants

They outnumber me solidly.

Once, they were outside

Now, she has brought them inside

My will is tempted.


Below them I sleep

Waiting for the spring to come.

One day at a time.


It seems there are bugs

Floating about the leaflets.

Game on, bugs. Game on.

She’s even named the plants. She calls them “Lemon verbena,” “lavender,” “rosemary,” “Sage,” and “Carl.” Apparently, they’re all non-toxic to cats. It’s like she’s set up a buffet of which she won’t let me partake.




OH! OH! You guys! I almost forgot. I am so pleased to announce that our work has won some serious awards at the Cat Writer’s Association awards. MomFOD and I got TWO Muse Medallions, one for our blog (we tied with Sparkle Cat!  -Congrats, Sparkle, Summer, and crew) and two for our film CHATastrophe. In fact, we even won the President’s Award, the one chosen from all the Muse Medallion winners.

We couldn’t be more pleased and are so happy to share the news! Our only sadness is that Rocky isn’t hear to share the news. Without him, none of this would have ever happened. He was the inspiration for all of it and we hope that he knows and is proud of himself. We couldn’t be more proud of him.


I took this photo of MomFOD. I wanted to let her have the limelight. This time.

Our award-winning film: