Tuesday Haikusday: The Snow

zen garden rock snow
Today, I have decided to wax poetic about the snow or lack thereof.
Hey snow, where are you?
I like watching through the glass
As you stop traffic.
Floating down softly
seesawing through the crisp air
Touching down, lightly.
You make the streets slick
Drivers are swearing while I
Relax and groom fur.
PS. I’m taking suggestions for next week’s Tuesday Haikusday topic. What’chu got?

Tuesday Haikusday: Procrastination

You guys,

zen garden rock crepes 2016

It’s the new year and I’ve been thinking about the state of my blog. We’ve been so busy here that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything really fun. I feel like my blogging has become serious and a bit, shall we say, intermittent.

Well, no longer! I’ve decided to reclaim my former hilarious glory by going back to where it all started. Not only will I bring you informative posts about special needs pets and adoptable animals, but I will also entertain you with my sharp wit and pointed stump!

Therefore, I think it’s time I bring back a few favorites, starting with “Tuesday Haikusday.”
Join me as I wax poetic about: Procrastination.

I want to do this
I am really excited
I’ll start tomorrow
The clock is ticking
I think it’s finally time
To do something else
The deadline is soon
Pencil, Paper, Ready to –
Oh! Is that ribbon?!
Down with procrastination!
PS. I wrote this post three weeks ago.

Tuesday Haikusday: Niles (and A Video)

I haven’t done haiku in a while. I’ve decided today is the day. Join me as I wax poetic on Niles, my elder brother. Eh hem…


Darkly stealthy, cool

Slinking about in the night

I know you are there.


Sleek, panther-like gait

As your tongue rasps through your fur

You stop and listen.


Nineteen Ninety Nine

Sixteen years resting your head

On MomFOD’s shoulder.

Niles finally got a chance to star, really star, in a CATastrophes film. It seems to be a runaway hit. Please enjoy Niles in ” What Your Senior Cat Might Be Thinking.




Tuesday Haikusday: The Snowmen with the Dangly Legs

You guys!

Today, I would like to talk about these guys that come into our house once a year. I don’t know where they go for the rest of the months! DadFOD seems particularly attached to them. How do I feel? Let me express my feelings in haiku. Eh hem…

crepes snowmen dangly legs

I see you sitting

Legs dangling from the black ledge

Taunting my prey drive.


Lights go flashy flash

Each night at four o’clock-ish

Afraid planes will land.


You wear stylish clothes

I think your hat would fit me

I will take you down.

magic carpet

He follows me and causes blizzards!!!

What do you think of these guys? Do you have strange objects that show up once a year and disappear again? Tell me about them.



PS. I’m considering replacing Tuesday Haikusday with something else next year. What do you think? Would you like to see something new? Let me know.