Confession Friday: What The Hell Is This?

I’ve decided to bring back confession Friday, not because I need to confess something, but because I believe a certain pair of FODs needs to confess IMMEDIATELY.

You may have heard last year that a certain pair of gray cats was in foster with our family. Here they are, in case you forgot:


Louie, the tiny one



Martha, now known as Sprinkle or “Pinckle”

Remember them? Here’s what they look like now:

Louie and sprinkle

Look at that ridiculous smile.

And do you know WHY he’s smiling? DO YOU? I’ll show you:

note from tree house adoption


What do you mean “thank you for adopting Martha OVER A YEAR AGO? And what about Louie? Why isn’t he included in this note, Hmm? This explains why they’re still here!

I think MomFOD has some serious explaining to do. Go on, MomFOD. CONFESS.




PS. Have you considered fostering? It’s fun! And rewarding.  And the season is coming up!

Bachelor of the Week: Ronald!

Please meet our very first Bachelor of 2016, the one, the only, Ronald!


Here are some things that Ronald would like you to know about him:
1) He prefers to be called Ronaldo
2) His mustache is on purpose
3) He plays the guitar after midnight
4) He loves to eat
Ronaldo loves to chat, usually in Castilian Spanish and occasionally in French. He also does English for the uni-lingual readers out there. He will often be heard shouting words of multi-lingual triumph as he runs off with whatever food he can find. And you know what he does with it? He takes it into the kitchen, makes it better with delicious herbs and spices, and then he eats it. While playing the guitar. His hobbies include climbing trees, furniture, and small mountains.
Everything about Ronaldo is a success, except for his kidneys, which are a slight failure, and require some extra attention. And, although his kidneys are dependent on extra care, Ronaldo himself is independent and full of life! He’s 9 years old, had a mildly concerning polyp in his ear, and loves attention, windows, and bird watching. His zest for life was renewed when Tree House pulled him out of the CACC and gave him another chance at life! He would be a wonderful fit to any home, as long as that home has subcutaneous fluids and space for his guitar.
This guy has it all! So come one, come all to meet Ronald and give him the forever home he deserves!
"Echa un vistazo de mi bigote." - Ronaldo.

“Echa un vistazo de mi bigote.” – Ronaldo.


Bachelor of the Week: Taco!

World, meet Taco Cat.

Taco Cat: looking to the future

Taco Cat: looking to the future

While in name, Taco Cat is the same forwards as he is backwards, in deed, however, Taco is only looking to the future and never back at his past.

Abandoned on the front steps of Tree House in Chicago in 2007, Taco was adopted within a year. After five years in a home, his adopter returned Taco because he was unable to care for him any longer. And so, filled with hope and a bit of salsa, Taco is once again looking for his newest side dish. Can you be the beans and rice to his delicious, loving self? As a note, Taco has FIV, but he’s not too concerned about it. Cats with FIV can live long, healthy, happy lives and Taco is on a mission to prove it.

As for us here, if you remember earlier this week, I talked about my friend Cotton coming to the end of his 13 year battle with FeLV. MomFOD and I decided to sponsor Taco for three months in Cotton’s honor so that he might get a little extra attention. MomFOD paid and I pressed the “send” button on his sponsorship fees. And speaking of cash, remember that Tree House waives all adoption fees on FIV kitties and offers a health package for life. You can visit their website for details.

If you’re looking to add a new member to your family, we recommend Taco. He’s a little spicy and goes great with avocado. And you.

"Is that habanero? No , thanks. I'm perfect as I am." - Taco

“Is that habanero? No, thanks. I’m perfect as I am.” – Taco

Wondering not about where he was, but about where he will be when you realize how awesome he is.

Wondering not about where he was, but about where he will be when you realize how awesome he is.