Valetine’s Day Giveaway: THK Quickies!

You guys!

It’s the week of love and so I have prepared a few things for you pertaining to, that’s right, love. Today, I am giving away some delicious Quickies from The Honest Kitchen. These little heart-shaped treats look pretty tasty and come in a cute little can that’s all ready to be used as a Valentine. I realize the label has a dog on it, but I’ve been assured cats can eat them, too. Luckily, we have a varied committee here, so let’s see what the tasters thought of the Quickies:

The product. Notice the question mark where my Valentine's name should be.

The product. Notice the question mark where my Valentine’s name should be.

The testers arrive on scene. Two of them could not be roused from afternoon nap time.

The testers arrive on scene. Two of them could not be roused from afternoon nap time and so our panel was comprised of ladies only.


Made with only one ingredient, dehydrated haddock, these treats are a nice way to tell your pet you love them without giving them a bunch of nonsense, fillers, or unnecessary ingredients. Although, I can’t lie to you: I ate it before I realized it was heart-shaped.

This is the moment just before Mrs. Peabody used both claws to puncture MomFOD's hands to get the treat. We omitted that photo due to its violent nature.

This is the moment just before Mrs. Peabody used both claws to puncture MomFOD’s hands to get the treat. We omitted that photo due to its violent nature.

Doodle says "delicious!"

Doodle says “delicious!”

Verdict: They smell strong, they make an enticing sound in the can to let us know it’s time, and they taste great! Stumps up!



To enter to win a can of Quickies, leave a comment below letting me know you want to be entered before 10 pm CST on 2/13/14 (This Thursday.) ! One winner will be picked using and announced on Valentine’s Day! U.S. Residents only, please. (I’m so sorry, I love all my exotically located readers but must comply with shipping rules.)

**Disclosure: We were provided with Quickies to sample and to give away on our blog. No financial payment was received for this post and all opinions are our own.**

PS. Take a look to the right over there and just slightly up? See it? I am officially a Cat Writer’s Association Professional Member! It has finally happened and I am very proud. I feel so legit. Here it is again:

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Kittyo – Mamma’s Watchin’

You guys!

MomFOD saw this and wanted to write about it, but I stepped in first. Cats, listen to me. This is imperative: the spies are coming.


World, meet Kittyo, a little gadget that allows your FODs to spy on you.  No joke. This little doohickey was invented by a one Lee Miller. “… There’s got to be a way to allow cat parents to interact with their cats while they’re at work or on the road traveling,” he said. And thus, Kittyo was born. Using a smart phone, your FOD can view you through the embedded webcam and even speak to you and call you over. And then, no joke, they can RECORD VIDEOS AND TAKE PHOTOS OF YOU WHILE YOU PLAY. It’s like a whole new Internet trend waiting to happen. I can see it now: Photos and videos of me doing incriminating really cute things while I’m at home alone.

That’s not all! While away, a FOD can play laser bug with you! Holy cow! I thought that thing only came out when they were here, watching me, but now it will come out while they’re away and watching me, too! I’m going to have to seriously prepare for this.

Game on, Laser Bug. Game on.

Game on, Laser Bug. Game on.

I’m reading here that it can also dispense treats. Actually, that’s not bad. That’s kind of a perk. And yet, at what cost?

It’s finally happening, guys. The FODs are going to start watching us from afar. Your FODs. My FODs.

Some things they might catch me doing:

  • sleeping
  • playing with bottle caps
  • find out who’s really taking bites out of the biscuits and muffins
  • watch me whittling my stump
  • pawing at the door at 5am, at which time they can probably draw my attention to the laser comfortably from the bed instead of throwing useless pillows at the door
The details.

The details.

This project is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the release of the spying, laser-bug pointing, treat dispensing robo kitty cops. Any interested parties can sign up at for updates to the project and to get an introductory discounted price. It seems that MomFOD has already signed up by entering her email address. Oh, apparently she entered MY email address. Of course she did.

What do you guys think? Are you prepared? What will your FODs catch you doing if they have one?



PS. MomFOD would like me to point out that if you do, in fact, have a special needs cat, this is a pretty awesome gadget so you can check in while you’re away and make sure they’re a-ok in between visits from your pet sitter. I guess I have to agree. Sign up if you’re even slightly interested. There’s no obligation and discounted prices are always fab.

***DISCLOSURE: We have been compensated by Kittyo for writing about the Kittyo product. HOWEVER, our opinions are absolutely, 100% our own. *** We also wouldn’t write about something we didn’t think was awesome, regardless of compensation, so there’s that.