Tuesday Haikusday: The Weather

Today, Dear Readers, I would like to wax poetic on the rather fickle nature of the recent weather. Eh hem…

Crepes Haiku Zen Cat

Snow. Wind. Sun. Rain. Dry.

Don’t know how to dress myself.

So I remain. Nude.


Gentle, then raging.

Were I like this weather is

on meds I would be.


Will it snow? or Shine?

Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Naps. Certainly naps.

How’s the weather treating all of you this week?

Tell me what haiku you’d like to hear next time.



Tuesday Haikusday: The Snow

zen garden rock snow
Today, I have decided to wax poetic about the snow or lack thereof.
Hey snow, where are you?
I like watching through the glass
As you stop traffic.
Floating down softly
seesawing through the crisp air
Touching down, lightly.
You make the streets slick
Drivers are swearing while I
Relax and groom fur.
PS. I’m taking suggestions for next week’s Tuesday Haikusday topic. What’chu got?

Tuesday Haikusday: The Cold

Since it seems that the only thing anyone in the Midwest can talk about is the weather, I thought I’d join in with my own thoughts on the subject. I give you haikus about the cold. Eh hem…

My zen-like aura keeps me warm while I contemplate haiku in my garden.

My zen-like aura keeps me warm while I contemplate haiku in my garden.

Bubbles turn to glass

Boiling water turns to ice.

And yet I nap still.


Snow covers the world,

Dancing crystals catching light

inciting my chase.


Wind burns on your skin

because the dog pees outside.

Bonus points for cats.


Is it cold where you are? Tell me about it. Is it warm instead? Keep it to yourself.