LitterBox Rescue – Are You Having Litter Box Problems?

You Guys!

I shall assume you are all aware by now that litter box skills for a cat are of utmost importance. I have, in fact, heard that poor box skills are one of the top reasons that people surrender their kitties. (Not in this house, tho – one of us could pee a river on MomFOD’s head and she still wouldn’t give us up)

Contemplating my box skills.

Contemplating my box skills.

Now, I know for a fact that in this house, several of us have occasionally, shall we say, missed the mark. For instance, there was that time when Peabody was keeping me away from the box so I would scream at DadFOD and pee on his sweater to let him know. Box moved = problem solved! That was an issue of placement and cat warfare. Mrs. Peabody also developed box issues recently because she was suffering from a bought of SIBO or Small Bacterial Intestinal Overgrowth, which caused her painful poop that she then associated with the box. She is mostly back on target now, so to speak, but her cause was medical. And then there was that time Niles peed in the Christmas bin…


Anyway, there are many reasons for which a cat might discontinue use of his or her litter box. They might be medical or behavioral. Some things to look for:

  • Is your cat experiencing pain? Does he have a medical problem? See a doctor ASAP to find out.
  • Is your box clean? Some cats won’t use a dirty box.
  • Is your cat marking territory? Do you have a new cat that might have caused this?
  • Is there another cat keeping one of your cats away from the box in a territory dispute?
  • Is your box covered? Some cats hate covered boxes.
  • Is the box in a place that makes the cat feel unsafe? Cats need to feel safe and calm when using the box.
  • Did you switch litters? Some kitties hate change and will rebel.
  • Is your cat de-clawed? Hopefully not, but if so, see a vet to make sure that they’re not experiencing pain in their feet that’s exacerbated by the litter pawing.

The first thing you should do, always, is have your kitty checked by a vet to rule out medical issues, then start looking around for behavioral problems or litter box problems that might affect his behavior. Sometimes, a very simple thing could be the cause.

Don’t give up on your kitty! Your kitty would never give up on you!

And now… for some expert advice, we have here a video with famed box consultant Louie Sorbet who’s giving the Johnson residence a kick in the butt for poor litter box skills.




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