Sin Kitty: The Movie

You Guys!

I wanted to show you our newest film starring MOI in a gender-bending role that really tests my acting skills. MomFOD told me I have big shoes to fill now that Rocky, our lead actor, has left us. I take my job seriously and prepared thoroughly for this role where I play Hash, a kitty who doesn’t want to have her dame’s attentions onĀ  anyone but himself. The idea was based on Rocky and how much he loved MomFOD and peed on all her boyfriends’ stuff over the years.

Me in the title role of Sin Kitty.

Me in the title role of Sin Kitty.

Also, remember those fosters we have in our bathroom? Well, they’re still there but we’re trying to get them out. We’ve included them in this thinly-veiled adoption video in the hopes that someone will see their little mugs and inquire.

Let me know what you think!



Crepes. SIN KITTY.

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