Bachelorette of the Week: Wendee!

Dear Readers,

Today, I have for you a lady who wants to be your only love. She wants it to be just you and her. She doesn’t want to share your love with anyone else. Are you catching my drift? She doesn’t have any physical special needs, per se, other than insisting on having you hug her and her alone. And maybe a few jealousy issues.

This is what Wendee looks like when she's on the look out for hug thieves.

This is what Wendee looks like when she’s on the look out for hug thieves.

This lady is Wendee, and she’s siamese, if you please. If you don’t please, she’ll pretend she’s something else, but she’ll probably still look exactly the same except in her mind.

She about two years old, she’s ok with children (as long as they’re not cats), and has been waiting for her home for awhile now. She’s unable to go into a foster home because most of the fosters that Feral Fixers has have their own kitties or other fosters, and Wendee is SO not down with that.

Wendee is ready to leave the crate and get into a home where she can snuggle you and you and nobody else but you!

Do you want to meet Wendee? Contact Feral Fixers today! 

Wendee enjoying some snuggling.

Wendee enjoying some snuggling…ALONE.

"Is that another cat? Don't come over here, other cat!" - Wendee

“Is that another cat? Don’t come over here, other cat!” – Wendee