Bachelorette of the Week: Tabitha!

You Guys!

I know you’re excited that I’m about to announce this week’s Bachelorette, but please hold your applause because she might run away. Instead, burst with joy inwardly. Also, whisper. And, um, leave the kids at home.

May I gently present to you… TABITHA!

HURRAY! Shhhh...

HURRAY! Shhhh…

::insert silent screams of elation here:::

Tabitha grew up in an alley, but not a cool Alley like the kids in Chicago here visit to buy leather jackets. It was a mean alley, filled with garbage cans and things kitties don’t want on their fur. At six months of age, this lovely lady was rescued, but she remains steadfast in her survival skills. She loves to be petted, but gently, with a soothing voice.

HOWEVER: She LOVES other cats!  Do you have a kitty who you feel needs a companion? Then Tabitha is your lady! Think about it: a bit of wet food, you, Tabitha, a gentle CD of relaxing music, and your other kitty, all enjoying an evening of petting (slowly) and love (quietly.)

What do you think? Does she fit your needs? Great! Then call Save a Pet IL today and get this senior lady into your home ASAP, but slowly. Very slowly.

Tabitha feels NOTHING for flowers. Nothing.

Tabitha feels NOTHING for flowers. Nothing.

She can see you...but she doesn't want to hear you, Capisce?

She can see you…but she doesn’t want to hear you, Capisce?

Always let sleeping Tabitha's lie.

Always let sleeping Tabithas lie.



Bachelor of the Week: Moe

You guys!

Today, let me introduce you to Moe. He’s… wait, he was just here…

Oh, there he is.

He's been seen and he knows it.

He’s been seen and he knows it.

He was hiding. You see, he’s a bit shy. Moe is going to require just the right person! Someone with patience, someone with caring, someone who wears a skirt. Moe is more of a ladies man. He’s a three year old, hefty male tabby, and while he was in foster with a kind gentlemen, he never came out of hiding but does seem to show up for his current lady foster. He enjoys petting and brushing. Of his hair, I mean, not hers.

And you know what his favorite game is? HIDE AND SEEK.

That’s right! You can spend hours upon marvelous hours playing hide and seek with this adorable fellow. He’ll hide, and you seek. I also encourage you to try it the other way around if you have patience, which, if you’re the right person for Moe, you’ll have plenty of.

The folks at Feral Fixers do seem to think Moe may still come around and become a loving, one-person cat. He likes other kitties and would be ok with a gentle dog. Children and noisy environments are not recommended.

If you’d like to meet Moe, contact Feral Fixers!  There’s a $75 adoption fee involved, but you can consider it your ticket to a life time of playing games with a fabulous, dear-hearted creature.

Checking to see if the coast is clear...

Checking to see if the coast is clear…

"They'll never find me in here. NEVER!" - Moe.

“They’ll never find me in here. NEVER!” – Moe.

Hurry! Moe’s waiting for yo, so count to ten and run to find him!