Tuesday Haikusday: Shark Week

It’s shark week, and so I must wax poetic about it. Eh hem…

Note how the shark swims AWAY from me. It knows.

Note how the shark swims AWAY from me. It knows.

I watch the water

Knowing you swim under there.

I will not go in.


If you touch me, shark

I will kick you with my stump.

It hurts in the eye.


Folks often wonder

How I got my stumpy leg

I tell them: great white.


For those of you who have asked, we now have an official #teamdogfish badge! I have no idea why Team Shcat wasn’t good enough for you. I mean, I know why Team Shkitten wasn’t good enough, but Team Shcat? You had to get the dog involved? Somehow she always gets involved, like that time she put on my underwear. That Doodle is seriously like a stem in my catnip.

Anyway, here you go.




Tuesday Haikusday: Shark Week!

You Guys! I LOVE Shark week. I have shark slippers and a shark mascot and once I made shark blood kool-aid! It was tasty, really. Anyway, as I hunker down and enjoy the sharks this week, I leave you with some poetic musings on the subject. I even put in a bonus poem because I felt so inspired.

I think I'm getting better with Photoshop. What do you think?

I think I’m getting better with Photoshop. What do you think?


I sneak up behind

And, pouncing, I strike you hard.

You’re fish food, momFOD.


I lurk in the depths

Trolling the dark ocean floor

I’m a tough cat fish.


My teeth are sharp, white.

They gleam as I bite my prey.

Am I cat or shark?


DUHHH duh. DUHHH duh. Duh

DUH duh DUH duh DUH duh DUH

Duh duh DUHHHHHHHH! Duh duh.

Do you like Shark Week? What’s your favorite show? I wonder if there are special needs sharks out there somewhere.



PS.  I heard the Kitty Bungalow CATbaret went REALLY well and people loved momFOD’s composition “Call Me Charm Cat,” featuring Nora the Piano cat. Thanks to everyone who left a note saying they enjoyed it! It was a pleasure and an honor to be asked to take part.  I mean, momFOD did the work, but I had to listen to it and also help her stay creative.