CatVidFest and Crepidator Sharks

You Guys!

I found out during #sharkweek last night that there is a shark called a Crepidator. The problem is that it’s a dogfish. I’m not sure about the logic in that, but I came up with this:

There is nothing else like it.

There is nothing else like it.

I think it’s pretty bad ass. What do you think?

Alas, this will be my last shark week post because as of tonight, the FODs are off to the Internet Cat Video Festival! It’s being held in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center on Thursday the 14th. So come one, come all! Watch cat videos and meet the FODs. They’ll be filming for and you could have a chance to be in one of their videos!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry: it’ll probably be coming to a town near you, minus the FODs. They won’t be coming to a town near you. They have to stay home with me. They’ve been out enough.


Happy Shark Week!





Tuesday Haikusday: Shark Week

It’s shark week, and so I must wax poetic about it. Eh hem…

Note how the shark swims AWAY from me. It knows.

Note how the shark swims AWAY from me. It knows.

I watch the water

Knowing you swim under there.

I will not go in.


If you touch me, shark

I will kick you with my stump.

It hurts in the eye.


Folks often wonder

How I got my stumpy leg

I tell them: great white.


For those of you who have asked, we now have an official #teamdogfish badge! I have no idea why Team Shcat wasn’t good enough for you. I mean, I know why Team Shkitten wasn’t good enough, but Team Shcat? You had to get the dog involved? Somehow she always gets involved, like that time she put on my underwear. That Doodle is seriously like a stem in my catnip.

Anyway, here you go.




Shark Week: Air Paws

You guys!

First, let me thank you for all your heartfelt notes and cards about Rocky. We’re still healing here and we appreciate your support so much. Thank you, everyone. It’s hard to get back into things, but we’re trying.

We’re also trying to keep busy, so we’re very excited to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into SHARK WEEK! We LOVE shark week. Every year, MomFOD makes red kool-aid or some nonsense and we watch sharks on TV and she wears shark slippers. I just listen from under the couch. Those things are creepy. Anyway, here’s what we’re doing for shark week:

Doodle pretends she's a dog fish.

Doodle pretends she’s a dog fish.

1) Watching TV

2) Blogging about it

3) Making our own shark week film.

4) Wearing fins.

One of our favorite shows is Air Jaws, you know where the giant sharks jump up through the water chasing fake seals on strings? Man, those sharks must be PISSED when they find out that they were chasing a toy on a string, kind of like a cat. Which got us to thinking….  This one stars me and our old interlopers fosters Hash and Tot. Enjoy!

Which team are you on? Tell us below, and feel free to take a badge and display it proudly on Facebook!










Confession Friday: It Was A Shark That Got Me Leg

You guys!

Sharks can't climb stairs! I've outsmarted them again.

Sharks can’t climb stairs! I’ve outsmarted them again.

I think it’s time I tell you about my stump. I know I talk about it a lot, but it’s time I tell you the truth. It was a shark that got me leg. True story. I was surfing once off the coast of the Adriatic during one of my jaunts to Italy. I hit a bump and flew up into the air. I thought I landed safely back on my surfboard, but it was not so. I was, in fact, riding a shark. A mega mouth shark. We glided smoothly through the water, I enjoying the view, and he enjoying his new passenger through life, as brief as our moments were together. And then, as we swam through the water basking in the sunshine and our new-found friendship, we ran into a gang of great whites. A whole bunch of them. I tried to run the other way, but there’s only so far you can run on a mega mouth’s back before you hit water. And then, I did. I plunged down into the ocean and, as I looked up, I saw the mega mouth punching the great whites in the faces. All of them. At once. I thought that that was my last moment in this life (I wasn’t worried because I had eight more in reserve), but then a goblin shark came after me. I must have sunk farther than I thought! His jaws lurched towards me and the sheer force of them coming at me shot me out like a cannon on the current of expelled water. I launched up through the surface of the water and that’s when I landed on the back of a lemon shark! I hit hard, and I passed out, feeling his citrusy soft skin beneath me as the world went dark. When I woke up, I was on the beach, alone, with nothing but sand and a stump. I’m not sure how the stump got there, really. The worst part is, I never did find my surf board.

Enjoying Shark Week with momFOD, Doodle, and all of our shark mascots. I'm still suspicious of them, despite their plush nature.

Enjoying Shark Week with momFOD, Doodle, and all of our shark mascots. I’m still suspicious of them, despite their plush nature.

I hope you’re enjoying Shark Week as much as I have been! Tonight’s the last night of new Shark Week programming. Watch, enjoy, and tell me a story about a shark you’ve met! What was he like? Was he tall?