Slow Motion Cat Christmas!

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Today, I bring you a Slow Motion cat Christmas! Check out around 20 seconds where I get pissed at myself for smacking Louie and get all fierce! I don’t know why they made me wear the dumbest costume. I look like the jester of Christmas. Sigh.

Oh well.




PS Do you like the music? Did you know that “Carol of the Bells” is Ukrainian? It’s true! MomFOD snuck it into the end of the carol on the video as a little shout out to her heritage. It’s based on a Ukrainian tune called a Shchedryk. 

Dear Santa, Love Crepes

Dear Santa,


I ran out of stamps so I’m just going to email you here and hope that someone forwards this to you because a quick perusal of my subscriber list shows me that you’re not on it. I’ll put my feelings on that aside for the moment.  Now, this is just between you and me. Here’s what I’m hoping for for Christmas. Ready?

  1. I want for all my bachelor/ettes to be adopted. No joke. Can you hook them up? I don’t mean with each other, but with families who will love them.
  2. For Santa to subscribe to my blog
  3. An autographed poster of Channing Tatum. Shirtless.
  4. The option to just buy one shoe. I don’t need two. I only have one foot in back! Damn it, shoe companies, get with the times!
  5. A new magic carpet with Mickey Mouse printed on it.
  6. A singing bowl in which I might nap.
  7. For Mrs. Peabody to stop jumping on my head when I’m not looking
  8. 1,000 followers on Facebook
  9. an autographed Henri, le Chat Noir 2014 calendar
  10. 500 followers on Twitter (@refrigeratorcat)
  11. a new hair brush
  12. For Rocky to be well. (You can actually move this up to no. 1 on the list.)
  13. A ceramic drinking fountain. In white. Or stone. I’m not picky.

Thanks, Santa. I hope you don’t think I’m selfish. See, I need more followers because then more people will see my bachelors and learn about special needs goodness! Ok, that poster of Channing Tatum is maybe a little selfish. I’ll let momFOD look at it sometimes, too, though, so that negates some of my selfishness. Or maybe you can send over two of those. One for her and one for me. She also likes Keanu Reeves. And, um, the guy that plays Jon Snow. Please don’t show this to anyone! TOP SECRET!





I’ve been participating in a blogging gift exchange. I met this great blog named You, Me, and Zu. Ruby, the writer, is doing a really neat Christmas post every day up until the big day. It’s been very inspiring and thoughtful.  Please make sure you also leave her a poster of Channing Tatum shirtless, and leave her a note that if she doesn’t want it, she can send it to me. I’ll find a place for it. Or just visit her blog and tell her I sent you. I think she’d like that, too.




Thoughts on Santa

You guys, we need to have a chat.  Today, I would like to discuss why, as a culture, we’re OK with Santa Clause.

I’m not talking about good ol’ Saint Nick, the guy that sneaks down chimneys at night to leave gifts under a tree in the living room, although that in itself probably deserves some discussion. I’m talking about Santa photos.

It’s this guy somebody hires, and his name is probably Dave or Gary or something, and he puts on a beard and a crazy red hat.

And my MomFOD paid him ten dollars to put our dog in his lap.

The ten dollar photo with some guy in a fake beard. Who is this guy? He could be anyone!

The ten dollar photo with some guy in a fake beard. Who is this guy? He could be anyone!

Why? Why is this ok?


If we didn’t know who “Santa Clause” was, and it was like Bob the guy on the corner, do you think people would be lining up and giving this guy ten bucks to put their dogs and children in his lap? Do you?

People are strange.