Cats Who Wear Diapers and the Rescue Who Loves Them

Heya, Readers! It’s me, Peabody, the red hot tortie. Who better than me to tell you about some other smoking ladies who need your attention.

Since we talked about diapers last week, I’ve decided to go all out and make it a thing. Let’s showcase a few scintillating kitties who wear diapers. They live at Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, New Jersey and are diaper proud and ready to strut their stuff!

First up, we have Pixie!

tabby's place

Pixie getting’ Tricksy (All Photos provided by Tabby’s Place)

Pixie is described as a “pumpkin-colored fluff,” and is perfect for all your Fall design needs. She’s happy to act as a decorative pillow on your couch or function as a snuggly throw over your lap to keep you warm while you watch spooky Halloween films. If you love her but can’t find the time to express her bladder and bowels a few times a day (her bladder is shy and, due to her paraplegia, can’t express itself) you can still help fund her care and get neat updates on her every month from Tabby’s Place by becoming a sponsor. Her injuries are, sadly, due to a human being cruel, so let’s show her that humans can also be kind and make up for it with all the care, kindness, and dollars we can muster.

Bringing the fall right to you!

For more information about how you can sponsor or adopt Pixie, check out her profile.


Next, we have Olive!

Olive, ready for action. Or scratchin’. Or maybe just a nap.

Oh, look at this sassy lady! Already dressed in a tuxedo and ready to be dipped in a martini, Olive is a ready-made secret agent (shhhh). In fact, being a paraplegic may even be part of her disguise. Who can say? We’ve been told she’s extremely feisty and could definitely use a sponsor since, according to Tabby’s Place, “$26/month pays for two hours staff time to change Olive’s diaper.”  What do you think? Can you add a little something something to Olive’s fund to make sure her diapers are cleaned and her martinis are shaken, not stirred?

Scooting right along.

To read more about our little Agent 002, check out her page.


And finally, we have Rose! Hit it, Rose!

Cue the closeup.

See, it turns out Rose didn’t like cars, so she tried to hit one. Unfortunately, due to misjudging her own size and the speed at which she was running, it didn’t go as planned and Rose has been left incontinent due to a spinal injury. No matter, though, because it seems this little flower shines the sun just as much as she soaks it in. Tabby’s Place says “Rose’s joy is contagious, and she’s set on spreading sunshine to everyone she meets.” She’s also on a prescription diet to maintain the consistency of her stool, presumably so she doesn’t also spread that to everyone she meets. Yikes.

Soakin up the sun. And the urine (in her diaper.)

To get more details on this gorgeous flower and to donate to her gardening fund, have a look see at her info page.

And there you have it! Three cats who wear diapers with great aplomb. Let’s help make sure they find the homes and the funds they need to stay happy, healthy, and looking good in their diapers.

All photos provided by Tabby’s Place.



Mrs. P.

P.S. We’re pleased to say that we’ve hooked up last week’s sponsor Pet Parents with Tabby’s Place to get these ladies some brand new diapers to try out! Thanks to Pet Parents for wanting to help keep these ladies fresh and clean.




Bachelorette of the Week: Rose!

You Guys!

This particular variety of Rose signifies love, friendship, AND happiness all rolled into one.

This particular variety of Rose signifies love, friendship, AND happiness all rolled into one.

I think we’re all ready for a little spring time, and so I bring you 11-month old Rose, a beautiful kitten who’s ready to enhance the life of a special person who doesn’t mind a little pee on his or her lap. You see, Rose was hit by a car when she was very small. And yet, as Roses do after being pruned, she bloomed into a lovely blossom. She has no problems walking, and, like all of the best flowers, she has a slight odor of je n’ai ce pas. Something floral perhaps, with a touch of ammonia.

Although Rose has no problems getting around, she does have trouble controlling her bladder. She is wonderful, she is sweet, she is beautiful, she is incontinent, kind, thoughtful, and great, and she loves to talk and hug. You see? When I say it like that, it’s but a trifle, a pittance, really. Hardly more than a word.

Do you want to meet Rose? Do you want to see her beautiful face first thing each morning? Do you want to express your love and her bladder at least twice a day? Then contact Tabby’s Place where Rose awaits.

And of course, if Rose has touched her heart but you don’t want her touching your furniture, please consider sponsoring her so she may continue to bloom happily.



"Bet you can't guess what I just did..." - Rose.

“Bet you can’t guess what I just did…” – Rose

Rose 1

“Do you smell that? It’s me.” – Rose

Photos kindly provided by Tabby’s Place. Read more about Rose here.


Garden Photos

Hello everyone,

In light of the holiday, I’ve decided to have a week of fun-filled posts. Today, we have photos of our garden, up close. Enjoy!




The rose that belonged to grandma and moved with momFOD.

The cat tree, because it also has claws.

The cat tree, because it also has claws.

A petal like velvet.

A petal like velvet.

Inside the petunia.

Inside the petunia.

Inside the petunia, the sequel.

Inside the petunia, the sequel.



PS. Tomorrow’s post is going to be a DOOZY, complete with explosions and fireworks! Don’t miss it!