VimTag Camera Spies On Pets

You Guys!

It has gotten harder than ever for us pets to get away with anything while home alone. You see, MomFOD got approached by a company called VimTag and was asked to try out their new home security camera system. Now, I was opposed to being watched but MomFOD said that it would make her feel better to be able to check on us while she’s away. She also said that she had to do it for her readers. Alas, I relented. Readers come first. Here are the details:


There it is.

What is it: A plug and play security camera that works with your router or WiFi and can be controlled remotely via an iPhone, iPad, Android, or desktop computer browser.

Why do I need it? If you have a special needs pet who needs extra supervision, or a plain old pet you just like to watch while you’re away from the house, or perhaps someone who is suspiciously peeing in the house but you can’t figure out who it is, this little camera is your jam.

Find out who's footprints are all over the piano.

Find out whose footprints are all over the piano.

Setup: We set up the camera in about five minutes. You pull it out of the box, plug it into your router with the included cable, download the software to your phone or log in online, create a free account, scan the QR code or type in the camera ID, and start watching! If you want to go wireless, there’s an extra step for logging into your wireless account. Once that happens, you can unplug the camera and set it up anywhere in the house as long as it has an electrical outlet nearby. Mounting hardware is included for attaching the camera to walls or ceilings.

Findings and Features: While away, MomFOD was able to check in on the home numerous times from her phone. In fact, DadFOD didn’t know it was installed and she got a great picture of him wondering what was going on. The camera not only allows you to watch during the day, it has excellent night vision capabilities for spying in the dark. You can also listen in on the surroundings and use it as an intercom to speak to your subjects and hear what they say in response. In addition, you can swipe across the screen to rotate and pan the camera 180 degrees around as well as up and down and you can zoom in. If you install a small SD card (not included), you can capture photos and videos. There is also a motion sensor that can snap photos for you or alert you via text message if something is moving around.

DadFOD spotting the Vimtag while being spied upon.

DadFOD spotting the Vimtag while being spied upon.

Troubleshooting: We had a wee bit of trouble connecting to our WiFi, but this could be more because of our system. We did find that it does not work with 5Ghz broadcasting routers, so we had to switch back to 2.4Ghz to connect. After it’s plugged in to the wall and you’ve set up the wireless, make sure you wait a full two minutes for the WiFi to connect and begin broadcasting. Photo quality depends on how good your connection is at the time.

Conclusion: This is a pretty nifty gadget, especially for those who would like to keep an eye on newborn kittens, pets with mobility issues or illnesses, or pets alone at home. This may also put an end to me putting the blame on our dog for various “incidents.”

The VimTag retails for $99.99 for one camera or $179.99 for a set of two. You can set up as many as eight on your home network. If you are interested in checking one out, you can do so here.  (This link will take you to an Amazon page.)

Peabody caught by the cam. She saw it, too.

Peabody caught by the cam. She saw it, too.

Louie caught up on the stove in the middle of the night. It's like he's challenging it.

Louie caught on the stove in the middle of the night. It’s like he’s challenging it.

Louie in the middle of the night. Unsettling, at best.

Louie in the middle of the night. Unsettling, at best.

Notice who did NOT get caught staring into the camera. (Me) I wonder if MomFOD would notice if I put a scarf over the lens…



FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Vimtag. We were given a camera as well as financial compensation to review this product. All opinions are our own and we only write about products we think our readers should know about. does not receive any financial compensation from the sales of these cameras. 

PetBox: A Review by Tree House Cats & Coupon

You guys!

PetBox contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review another box. I thought about it and said, you know what? I’ll accept that box and then let MomFOD take it to a rescue of her choosing and let the kitties there review it! And so, please enjoy this review of my January PetBox by the first floor cats of Tree House Humane Society.

What is a PetBox: It is a customized (or surprise – your choice) box of goodies delivered to your house once a month based on the type of pet you have (cat and/or dog) and what his/her likes are. PetBox also promises to only stock the healthiest, best products.

How much does it cost? The boxes come in several sizes and you can order month by month, in three-month blocks, or annually, with discounts for the longer commitments, making the lowest price point $7.95 a month. All choices come with free shipping.

Whitman, a sassy tabby with the heart of a prankster and a touch of incontinence, is the first to check out the box.

Whitman, a sassy tabby with the heart of a prankster and a touch of incontinence, is the first to check out the box.

Up first, we have Whitman. He pees on things, but he doesn’t know he’s doing it, so it’s not really a point against him. He took a look at the box first. Items included:

  • An organic grow your own cat grass kit
  • Grain-free dental treats
  • A fish on a string
  • A mouse on wheels
  • A catnip, refillable sea monster
  • Two catnip compressed mice

Whitman’s first choice: The mice. Let’s see how he liked them:



But then, little Chirpy moved in and tried to use the mouse as a hat:

"How do I look?"

“How do I look?”

I think she looks lovely. Also, she’s looking for a home, preferably a nice, quiet one with lots of catnip mice.

But then, things got serious:

The catnip takes shows its effects.

The catnip shows its effects.

The Chirpster went bananas for this fish. But then, things really went off the handle:



Cats were coming in from all angles, including Max and Jax, the cerebellar hyperplasia kitties I wrote about a few weeks ago. They were teetering and tottering all over that box!

In the end, the kitties decided to keep the dental treats, mouse toy, fish on a string, and the catnip mouse. MomFOD returned home with the grow your own kit. But do you know what they loved best of all?

max in petbox

Max enjoys the box while Jax pouts in the back.

The box.

The Verdict: Box (and contents) enjoyed! The quality of the products was quite nice. All items were grain-free and/or organic and I would have no problem using these items in our own home. If you’re going to buy things for your cats anyway, and especially if you have a multi-cat (or dog) house, having a surprise box delivered to your door is a fun way to treat your pets.

We hope you enjoyed watching these kitties have fun with their PetBox! We were happy to be able to bring them a bit of joy and some new toys and tasty snacks, thanks to our friends at PetBox!

Highlight: PetBox donates a meal to a homeless pet each time a box is sold. Hurray! The #PetBoxFridays program allows PetBox’s social media community to nominate shelters and rescues to receive that week’s shipment of food and supplies.  So get to nominating!

Crepes Coupon: My readers here are privy to a coupon! If you want to try a PetBox, use the code “CATINTHEFRIDGE” to get 20% off. Apparently, this gives me a little affiliate bonus.




**Disclosure: We were given a free PetBox to try out as compensation for this post as well as a small fee to cover time and expenses to travel to the rescue. We do also receive an affiliate commission if you purchase a box using our coupon code.  Rest assured, we wouldn’t show you a product we thought was nonsense. All ideas and opinions are our own.**

The Week in Photo Review

You Guys!

I thought it might be fun today to show you a bit about what goes on around here during a typical week. This happened to be a filming week, so I’ve chosen some of my favorite “behind the scenes of life” photos to share with you.

With our web series, it can be difficult to find free time. Here’s MomFOD and Doodle taking a bit of a break on the balcony.

Doodle and MomFOD on some down time.

Doodle and MomFOD on some down time.

As you can see, Doodle took advantage of the moment. Figures.

Next, we have some exciting behind the scenes photos from our upcoming CATastrophes Episode 3. We got a new stunt double. Doodle was unsure of how to handle the situation.

Are you...real?

Are you…real?

Next, we have a shot of traveling to a location to film. MomFOD looked in the rear view mirror and couldn’t help but wonder what co-star Kris Flanagan was up to.



It turns out, he was sleeping. Not uncommon.

Moving along, we had some kittens on scene. Check this out:


As you can see by the look on his face, this kitten did not get the bowl full of all red M&Ms, six green-striped towels, and case of liver treats that he requested for his trailer. He was given, instead, a kiss on the head. I don’t think we’ll be working together again with his attitude.

Here we have the not-oft-seen DadFOD taking a moment to step out from behind the camera to pose with another of our kitten stars.

DadFOD and Kitten. The novelty will soon wear off and he'll return to hugging me. I have no doubts.

DadFOD and Kitten. The novelty will soon wear off and he’ll return to hugging me. I have no doubts.

And finally, we have this:

The P and the Potato

The P and the Potato

It’s Mrs. Peabody contemplating life whilst resting her head on a sweet potato.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into a typical week of my life. Of course, no photo journey is complete without a photo of me:

Me seeking attention.

Me seeking attention.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!



PS. MomFOD will be leaving town next week for a few days. Too many days, in fact.  I will be chronicling my time home alone with DadFOD. It will be a sort of written account of all his goings on, in case anything happens while she’s away. I can only hope things don’t go awry.