Cats In Fridges Support Group



Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention that there are many cats that like to sit in fridges. In fact, there are many who cannot stop themselves. How do I know this? First of all, I am a cat who insists on looking into the fridge. I hear it open, I run. I see its milky light flooding the kitchen, and I dash to bask in its glow. I cannot stop myself. But really, why should I? Instead, I invite those of you who have the same love to join me in solidarity to proudly proclaim your love for the fridge. Whether it’s out of curiosity, or just the fact that you know that’s where they store the food, you can feel at home here. And I know you exist, because you have already begun sending me your photos. So please, continue. And see them posted here, in all their glory.

(Note: Please do not stuff your cats into fridges for these photos. This is meant to be a place where you share photos of cats who voluntarily enjoy looking into refrigerators with the DOOR OPEN. You should not, under any circumstances, EVER leave your cat locked in a fridge. EVER. Not even for one minute. And if you send me a photo of your cat smooshed into a fridge looking upset, it will not be posted. Thank you.)
Squeaker (courtesy of Brenda C.)

Squeaker (courtesy of Brenda C.)



cat in fridge

Phinneus (Thanks to Sandie A.)



Majick, enjoying some loafing by the loaf. Courtesy of Tracy R.J.

Majick, enjoying some loafing by the loaf. Look closely! Courtesy of Tracy R.J.

This is Sax hanging out int he fridge! (photo courtesy of Manuela A.)

This is Sax hanging out in the fridge! (photo courtesy of Manuela A.)